My 500 Words ~ Day 19 ~ Today I got over myself

Letheringsett Mill

Letheringsett Watermill, Norfolk, UK

Yes, true!

Today I just got over myself. I don’t like Mondays. Usually, I can bear them when I have my day off, and no one is around in the morning. With my 3-7 mugs of tea and some meditation I can manage to get myself into the mood to deal with another week of customers not seeing products even though they are directly in front of their noses and motorists who think everybody is on holiday and wants to drive along the main road with 25mph.

Unfortunately, I am not that lucky anymore. As I work for one of the four big supermarkets in Great Britain which has to deal with the competition of Lidl and Aldi our hours are cut and my colleague who used to do Monday mornings was transferred to another department. The only other one who could do Monday mornings is on holiday, so I had to step in.

Well, I admit I am drama queening a little (and yes I know this word probably does not exist). I only worked 5 hours and could go for a ride to Letheringsett Mill at 11 am to get some more flour and then went home for a spicy cup of coffee with lots of cocoa in it.

You see, it was not THAT bad it was just different, and it needs a little adjusting for me. After the cup of coffee and a little hop around on Twitter and Facebook, I actually managed to write 526 words. Happy writing to you all!

Where is Zara going?

So far I have introduced Zara who is the daughter of the Tribes leader Shallaya. Her father was on a mission to the River People but came back badly insured. Her brothers had a very brief entrance so I will have to introduce them in more detail but that must wait a little. There is also Wild Woman the shaman of the Tribe. An important advisor both to Zara and Shallaya.

Here is a little of yesterdays post:

“Zara stood on top of Blue Mountain. 
She looked over the vast valley of The River. She was staring at the places where she thought the River People lived. Zara kept her mouth tightly shut and breathed hard. 
She remembered how her grieve over her fathers had subsided a little and that tightness had started in her stomach. Without any warning, she stood up and stumbled behind the fire to their sitting area and hit and hit and hit the cushions. Both her brothers had to grab her arms from both sides and hold her down for minutes before she came to herself and cried again.
Her mother just sat at her fathers head rocking to and fro. They could not hear a sound but shocks of tremors ran through her body. Wild Woman had left the yurt to prepare the tribe for the burial of the leaders husband. 
“I will find them!” Zara hissed. “I will find every single one of them! No matter where you are bastards. I’ll get you!” She screamed those last words on top of her lungs….”
Please read more at “The River is flowing…. Zara (XIV)

down time

When I came back from work last Friday I realised I was terribly exhausted. Another laryngitis has raised its ugly head in my poor sore throat and work had been stressful at the least. I decided to let Saturday go its own way and plan nothing just concentrate on reading and sitting on the sofa with loads of cups of tea.

But well as it happens of course I had a sudden rush of initiative which lead me

1. to read many blogs and advertise for them on Twitter and Google+


2. to write a blog post on phoenixrisesagain even though I had promised myself to not blog at the weekend.

And now of course I had an idea for my Zara ~ a writing story – blog post and as not to forget I wrote it directly and scheduled it (I love WordPress).

One of the blog posts I read were from the lovely Cheryl  Fassett on Catching Fireflies where she pondered about the fact that we sometimes have such trouble to just give ourselves some down time to do whatever comes to mind.

Why is it that this “unsupervised and untethered” as she called it seemingly freaks us out so much? Isn’t it exactly what we are looking for in our busy lives and isn’t it what is good for us?

Who has told us it is a bad thing to relax?

Well of course our parents, teachers, professors, bosses ect even thought I think they do not do that so much nowadays but certainly in our childhoods if you are a 40 something. But haven’t we experienced enough that you can not go on forever being busy?

Or is it just that if we stopped for a moment and just sit, drink a cup of coffee or tea and just listen to music that we start thinking about our lives and realise what is not right in them? Is it maybe that our higher self or however you want to call it tries to tell us we have to change something and we are not ready to do so.

Or we are just too scared to get into action?

Well, I have changed a lot in the last 7 years of things that I have not been happy about in my life. Curiously I have started to relax a lot more since then and allow myself often enough time out just to play around a bit and enjoy life.  And curiously enough it had a pretty good impact on my creativity 🙂

Am quite proud

I have had a look at the whole week and realised that I won’t have a lot of time for writing on Thursday or Saturday. So I used my day off yesterday to prepare my blogs for those days which will give me a bit of time either to write Zara anyway or just to relax a bit and spent time with the family.

I guess keeping the working/writing/family/getting rest balance is an important point to consider and I will see what comes from it from now on.

Zara and Alaana have arrived in Erecura’s Sanctuary, the heart of my world to learn a few things but it will also bring events on as Alaana can hardly get to grips with her powers. They become more clear in my mind and I think the more you write the more you get to know them.

Ah and of course Morsmart. I have set myself about 600 words to write on Tuesdays and Fridays. That seems to be a good schedule for a serial. It is really an interesting experience to do it this way. But I wrote both Tuesday’s and Friday’s and even started the next Tuesday’s as well. Was a lot with all the other stuff but I got excited.  Ah well I love to write :-).

Zara is calling….

After a month or so I have been back to writing “Zara” and it was not difficult to get back into it. I am quite happy about that. Am trying not to get too much into detail yet as it is the first draft and I just want to get on with it but I leave comments in the text where I think I have to work on. I guess that will help later on but also keeps me working and lose track.

Tried to work out a routine this morning for my writing sessions which for now look like this:

1/2 hour reading

10 min free writing

1 hour Zara

1-2 hours  Blogs

Of course it will vary how much time I have and if I write in the morning or evening depending on my shifts at work. But I think this is quite good as a basic routine from which I can work.

Had loads of ideas for my blog and have started to write them down as drafts directly in the blogs that I do not have to think about what to write for a while. I think that will work fine. Even did some exercise to get me a bit fitter. …

an early post

Today I will be back to work so my writing schedule has to change. I can not do it all over the day or later on but have to schedule it for the morning which has worked quite well. I managed to outline Zara’s aunt Alexandra who is the leader of an underground organisation. Her name was Alba in the version I have tried in this blog before but I decided Alexandra is a more fitting name as it means “Friend of Mankind”.

I have also been reading part 2 of the Open learn course which is about setting. Today’s part was about how the setting can add to the mood and atmosphere created in a novel. That I really liked to read. It was interesting. I do struggle a bit with the exercises where I have to write things. Am a bit reluctant to do so ~ no idea why.

Well, have been writing all blogs as well which is not so difficult on mondays as I usually put something short to be able to write the longer articles for days before and on the weekend. Has not really worked out so far but there is always room for improvement :-).