My 500 Words ~ Day 21 ~ Writing in Cycles

Never mind the pun!

Never mind the pun 😉
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Do you feel your writing goes in cycles?

I do. Looking at yesterday’s and today’s word count and comparing it to last weeks, it’s a question of extremes: Hardly anything last week and more than 800 on both days this week.

To be honest, I used to be quite upset about that. Well, about those times when I could not write. Struggling with it for all of my writing life I have come to the conclusion though that there is no point in fighting it. It’s how it is, and it often feels like my creative mind needs a little break now and then when it can do what it wants. Like hoovering, dusting or playing on the PlayStation. Yes, I admit I do some reading as well which seems to be beneficial (“Oh, really?!” you think 😉 ) however I do no writing.

I have also come to the conclusion that one day or one week of not writing does not make that much a difference unless you have a deadline to deal with. But even then you can manage because once the pressure gets high enough you get on with it anyway.

And it’s funny since I do not worry about it anymore and do not feel like I have to follow a certain “rule” of writing it goes much easier. I still doubt myself though: I still think “Oh, how long will that last? I’m writing this story for 20 years I won’t start being properly productive now, will I?”

My nearly daily writing though proves me wrong. And I am grateful for that!

Happy writing to you all!

My 500 Words ~ Day 16 ~ Am Back

Looks like I was not only side-tracked a little. It’s been a week since I have last written anything for “Zara”. I can reveal though that “Opinionated Man” is back on track without any restrictions to his activity. That’s a great success and shows how much power a community can wield even against big companies. Besides that, I have read two books for book reviews and had some tough days at the day job.

Well, this is not meant as an excuse: I had decided to not write in these times because I do need to keep my energy in balance and I realised that to concentrate on my novel as well would get me burned out and I did not want that. Just to concentrate on reading was quite cool though :-).

Today I have a late shift and took the time when the hubby was at work to get back into writing. I had not planned to stop for a week. It was only supposed to be for two day or so but as life goes of course it got a lot longer. However, it seems like my creative brain needed that break. When I stopped last Thursday, I did not exactly know how everything would go on. Ciar had left the Tribe’s camp to stay with his fiance at the River People, but I realised I had not created any of them. The River People I mean. I always got blocked when it came to that part.

Today though my writing flowed like a great old stream, and I managed to write 688 words. Me likey lol.

Over the past week, my subconsciousness found its way towards the River Peoples camp and I will go and create them. I already had created some of them but lost them over my latest one-year break. Never mind.

I am on the right track now. And you? How is your writing going?

Happisburgh Lighthouse UK

Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK Lighthouse

500 Words ~ Day 10

Je suis Charlie

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Something amazing happened today:

For the first time, I felt like writing could be my calling. It felt like: “Yes, I am a writer!” Not a blogger. Or a poetess. Or a hobby writer but simply a writer. I like that feeling. I also realise that it takes so much pressure of yourself when you realise you write a first draft in the beginning, and you can just let your imagination work its wonders. Nothing to do just let it flow. Maybe my Stream of Consciousness writing with “Lean against … and listen” and Linda’s SoCS has taken away a blockage that has stopped me from bringing all those stories to you that are hiding in my subconsciousness. That would be cool!

As for Zara: 513 words today and it looks like there is a romance in the making. I had not planned that. Of course, there was Ciar who secretly was in love with Zara but that was never going to work out. I knew that much. Two days ago though Flor appeared on the scene a young friend of her father’s who protected her when she woke up from a vision in the River People’s land. And his green eyes had a deep impact on our young girl.

Let’s see where that one leads us….

Writers block?

Do you know that too?

You have loads of ideas, are motivated to get on with your writing but somehow do not get on with it?

Since a few weeks I feel like this. I do not even read anymore and am 8 Books or so behind my Goodreads goal for this year.

Well work definitely does not help but what can you do?

So how do you get yourself on track? How do you get your muses work again? Or do you just wait it out?

Awww I am back….

Ah at last I am back. My tendons are still not ok but I just can not keep from blogging ~ a week was much too long any way.

So what are my plans for this week writing wise?

I have reorganised my blogging schedule to give my wrist much-needed rest (and well myself as well 🙂 ) …. you will find out about that.

Got a bit of a writers block with Morsmart which annoyed me highly. I really like that little story of mine even though it is not the most sophisticated one. It’s fun that’s what it is all about.

Poetry wise I have chosen a visual #MondayPrompt this week which I will introduce to you tomorrow. The German version is gone life today. Well, and I want to get back into Zara of course. Had a bit of a backlash there as well but I guess that was just because I took much too much on.

So that is where I stand this week. Hope all of you are ok and will find loads of inspiration!!!

Maybe I should not have started the new blog…

…. about my little sci-fi shopping experience ;-). So excited about it. Did some research about astronomy to get things right. Will line out the supermarket, the main characters and how society has evolved. But that might just as well be writers block as I still am not back with Zara and I miss that. We’ll get there though!

One picture to make you smile and therefore more creative :-)!