My 500 Words ~ Day 16 ~ Am Back

Looks like I was not only side-tracked a little. It’s been a week since I have last written anything for “Zara”. I can reveal though that “Opinionated Man” is back on track without any restrictions to his activity. That’s a great success and shows how much power a community can wield even against big companies. Besides that, I have read two books for book reviews and had some tough days at the day job.

Well, this is not meant as an excuse: I had decided to not write in these times because I do need to keep my energy in balance and I realised that to concentrate on my novel as well would get me burned out and I did not want that. Just to concentrate on reading was quite cool though :-).

Today I have a late shift and took the time when the hubby was at work to get back into writing. I had not planned to stop for a week. It was only supposed to be for two day or so but as life goes of course it got a lot longer. However, it seems like my creative brain needed that break. When I stopped last Thursday, I did not exactly know how everything would go on. Ciar had left the Tribe’s camp to stay with his fiance at the River People, but I realised I had not created any of them. The River People I mean. I always got blocked when it came to that part.

Today though my writing flowed like a great old stream, and I managed to write 688 words. Me likey lol.

Over the past week, my subconsciousness found its way towards the River Peoples camp and I will go and create them. I already had created some of them but lost them over my latest one-year break. Never mind.

I am on the right track now. And you? How is your writing going?

Happisburgh Lighthouse UK

Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK Lighthouse

The River is flowing…. Morsmart

Those of you who follow me since a while know that I was writing quite a few blogs here on WordPress. But last year I decided to put all my creativity and my effort in just one blog and decided to go back to blogger. Not so sure if that was a good decision. Right now I am looking to connect to other bloggers writing sci-fi, fantasy and poetry but it looks to me like all the active ones are here on WordPress. I wonder why ;-).

Well, I have started the other one and I won’t change again. Have been changing too much in my blogging carrer. Or more have been experimenting. Now its time to get down to business. So here is an extract from my sci-fi serial that I have posted on WordPress but am editing now and post it on “The River is flowing….”. Feedback much appreciated:

 ….. Chan Juan went back to the outside door to give it a final shine while Sadit showed Rowan the circular moves they had to do with the mob and broom to ensure the flooring did not lose its shine. They only spoke what was necessary. All of them still thinking about Mitchell.

Now Rowan realised how tranquil this entrance was. If the off voice did not introduce the newest offers they played relaxing sounds which Rowan remembered from the hidden forest at Shortlace. He had found out with Morris who was interested in history and how people lived around the time of the RIFT that those sounds were supposed to be in a forest. There were flying creature still living then some making noises like those funny ancient clocks those mad collectors had. A little creature came out every hour and made exactly that noise.  There was also a kind of hush going on which sounded like transporting machines in the distance, but they read up that transporting machines did not belong to forests way back then. Morris found and old Encyclopedia which explained that that sound was called “Wind” a movement of air, that moves the leaves which in turn made the noise. It relaxed Rowan no matter what he was doing….. Please read more here 



photo credit Jiri Brozovski via Flickr
with this Creative Commons licence