Writing with pen and paper II.

Well, I would have loved to write with pen and paper and it did start great on the ferry to the continent. Had two hours and spent most of them writing but that was really it.

Firstly it was so hot you could hardly move which dried out my brain and consequently my creativity and secondly I was so busy helping my gran and spending time with my family that there was none left for writing.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed that thoroughly but I missed writing though. Was reading Virginia Woolf’s lectures “A room of ones own” and experienced in reality how true it is that you need a space for yourself and time for yourself to be creative.

That is maybe the best input I got for my creative work: my thoughts about feminism and todays female artists.

Are we still fighting with the same problems like the creative ladies of times gone by?

Do we have the same freedoms as male artists have?

Is it really a question of gender or is it a question of how society sees and treats art?

Had a discussion on Twitter with a very conservative feminist lady a few weeks ago who said something: women bear children that is why they are more peacefull and try to protect more and men are violent which makes women victims. Men have to change then everything will be ok.

That seemed to be a much too simple explanation to me and it made me think ever since. Things are not that simple especially not when humans are involved.

I will go on thinking and see what comes from it.


Writing spaces (#amwriting, #blogging)

This morning when I signed into WordPress.com my eye fell on the blog entry “Shop Talk: Freelance Workspaces Volume!” by Nathan Meunier who writes besides others for Nintendo Power and Playstation: The Official Magazine.

It made me think! (Oh yea I do that sometimes 😉 )

It made me think about my writing space. I actually do not have a special place where I write. What I need for good creativity is a cup of tea, a snack now and then and a window to look out of. That and the cup of tea seems to be the most important. From where I sit now I can see parts of our garden and the neighbour’s house and eucalyptus tree and a bit of sky. When I can’t get on then I just stare into space and let my mind run wild. Sooner or later I can get on. Well, getting up dancing around to get my body active again or to get another cup of tea helps as well :-).

I downloaded “A room of one’s own” by Virginia Woolf (one of my favourite authors) to my kindle which is about the fact that women need a space of their own to write (as any other author) but usually do not have one. Now I do not mind. I love to be in our family space preferable when everybody is out but it also works when they are here.

Am wondering if there are different sorts of writers or if there is a new one born as we get more and more free where we can write with laptops that can go everywhere and mobiles that are a little office of their own.

We can take our writing devices everywhere and therefore can write everywhere. I think that is a brilliant development!

the moon over our neighbours eucalyptus tree