The River is flowing….. Writing prompt: Lean against …. listen

Hello out there, I have blogged about this writing prompt here before but on my new blog I use it on a regular basis and it has become a well of inspiration.

Here is what I wrote about it on Thursday:

” As I wrote on Tuesday evening when I introduced my own writing prompt with photo’s, I have come to love to use them.

In the beginning, I thought:” I have enough ideas! I do not need to write with writing prompts!” But when I started to use “lean against… and listen” I realised that it is so much more than giving ideas.

It has become a playground for me to try out different things even though I do not intend to write something planned. I write down what comes to mind or more what the storyteller tells me, but his or her intention seems to make me realise my potential and how much more I can write.

This is fun. This is creative. This is brilliant. 
I highly recommend trying it out!….”
Please read the little story that emerged with it on Thursday: The River is flowing… Lean against… and listen ~ Words and Demons