International Day of Senseless Tweets or short #idost

Monday mornings are a strange time: You want the weekend back no matter how much coffee you consume but it just does not work this way ;-).

That was exactly the mood I was in this morning so I started writing silly tweets like:

“…. today I follow the ancient art of “I can’t be bothered” ~ so just leave me alone!…..”


“… breakfast or not to breakfast this is not the question…..”.

That actually raised my mood enormously which made me feel the urge to declare the

“International Day of Senseless Tweets” or short #idost

I think the worldwide online community needs some cheering up now and then and it is soooooooooooo creative ;-).

So today I invite YOU to take part in our first #internationaldayofsenselesstweets or short #idost on your Twitter account.

Please feel free to add as many senseless tweets with the hashtag #idost or #internationaldayofsenselesstweets as you like and maybe ~

maybe we can make a hashtag trend :-).

You can also just tweet the following

“Please play with me :-): Tweet a senseless tweet with the # #internationaldayofsenselesstweets or #idost. Thanks for having fun!”

and invite all your followers to do the work ;-).

There is nothing to win ~ I know 😦 but it’s great fun and it might give you some brilliant inspiration!

I can’t wait to find out what comes from it :-)!

Gimme some #hashtags!

I have been reading a lot since last year about how to attract more readers to your blog or how to advertise for your story, book ect. Social media of course comes up a lot and I have been frolicking around Facebook, Twitter, WANAtribe, Stumbleupon ect.


But what has proven the most effective for my blogs and me is Twitter and the famous #hashtags. I was following the #amwriting hashtag and there was one article posted about #hashtags for writers and I was really surprised how  many are there:

Apparently there are 44 an author should know: 44 Essential Hashtags an Author should know

Besides #amwriting there are #amediting, #WordCount, #WritingTip ect. What do they do? If you are looking for interesting tweets about writing, want to get a writing prompt or find something good to read you can key in those hashtags in the search app at twitter and you get all the tweets that are live with these themes. I can not tell you how many interesting articles I have found there, how many writing tips and how many prompts.

Well, if you do not know about them already. Just go to 44 Essential Hashtags an Author should know and try them out!


Why Twitter does help writing….

Oh dear, life is an exciting roller coaster:

Have been bored in my lunch break at work and wrote an entry for this blog on my phone but for some strange reason android wordpress app decided that my blog is not my blog and did not save it. And I was so proud and happy that the cloud works and I can at last use my lunch breaks for some real fun 😉 …….

What does that have to do with Twitter and Twitter helping to write? Nothing really :-)… besides that I started this blog entry and the app decided to keep it ~ THANKS a lot guys!!!!!

Some days ago I have been reading Frame Tale’s blog entry about Twitter and how useful it could be to cut down unnecessary words in what you want to say. I guess that is right: you really have to get down to the bone of what you want to say when you write a tweet and that is probably what a good writer really is about.

But besides that I have become addicted to the “amwriting” hashtag. It gives a myriad of links, pages and books about writing and publishing which has given me a lot to think about in the last few days ( and a lot to read as well 🙂 )

There are funny updates on the writing process of other authors which just cheers one up when you get stuck in your daily grind. And it is just good to see that other’s are out there right now who are struggling with the passion for writing as well.

Shame though that German speaking authors have not yet discovered this tool. I would have loved to have a hashtag for “Ich schreibe” (which is “am writing” in German) as well.

And what is so exciting about this? Nothing really 🙂 …. I just wanted to write it!!!


the trouble with the organising…..

My day off (yes I know I just had a week’s holiday…..) and I have enough time to work on writing. But there is the problem with the organising. Or more I guess with setting priorities.

This morning it was tough between the GoodreadsMy big fat booky Challenge -athon‘s 24 hours in 7 Days reading challenge, Zara and my blogs. Well, my blogs are my advertising and Zara is a Marathon in itself so I decided to put emphasis on the blogs.

It is Tuesday so I do the You Tube Tuesday entries which do not need so long. I have decided to write more content at the end of the week because I think people have more time to read then. So the idea was to write those entries Mo – Wed when I have a bit more time because at the end of the week I am more tired from the working week.

Sundays are off-limits. That has not a real religious reason it is just that I am usually off  work and the rest of the family is there so I rather try to spend time with them (has not worked yesterday though as I was reading like a maniac 😉 ). But I feel it is really good to have a break and do something totally different. Besides reading I usually take photos or play with the kids. That gives me the energy to go on.

Am also waiting for a new sofa so I am kind of pre-occupied. Well, Facebook and Twitter also threaten my writing discipline but alas I just have to get over that 😉

Ok I promised a bit more about my novel.

Zara the main character (even though I am not sure if she stays the main one) has run away from her destiny to be the next leader of her people. They are very spiritual and earth connected while their opponents believe in technology and using whatever earth offers. She meets Alaana who has just escaped an attack by soldiers which killed her foster family and she blames herself for it.

As the spiritual people are without leader (god only knows how the others found out) they start attacking. One attack is at the village close to which Zara and Alaana are hiding in a cave (there is the cave again). They get rescued by Isagora and her men who bring her to Erecura’s Sanctuary and they meet Alexandra Alaana’s mother and Zara’s aunt.

I have been working on Zara, Alexandra and Alaana in the last few days but while doing so Demetrios ( Alaana’s father and protector) has emerged as well as Zara’s Father Seth the Emperor of the technology loving people……

Does that give you an idea? No? Well of course there is prophecy that Zara will safe the world but she never would have thought that the problem arises from her cousin Alaana.

Ok this is only one of my blogs so I better go on and get some content on the others as well. Good writing to you guys and gals……