I did it after all!

Last week I told you about my self-sabotage in taking part in that competition. Well, I made it after all and even got an email that they have received it. Goal achieved.

Even though I set my goal to “Taking part” I am still quite exited and hoping to maybe at least get shortlisted because then my story might be published on the Writer’s & Artist’s homepage. Wow, that would be cool!


Are your stories like your children?

A few days ago I wrote about the fact that I have decided to stay with the shorter forms of writing eg poetry and short stories and of course my blogs. I said “good bye” to Zara as a project but she somehow does not leave me. It feels like a child I have nurtured ….

20 years is a long time to think about a story.

I wish I could decide on one route of writing and then stick to it!