got going….

Ah at last I got going:

Had my thinking cap on on Sunday and realised that I got writing much better when I did some planning in the beginning of the week. So I wrote down all my blogs and what I want to do on them this week as well as what to work on short story wise.

Think I told you that had not taken part in the short story competition in Bath which is a shame but well sometimes your inner critic is just too strong. The next one I have chosen is the Doris Gooderson 2013 Competition which supports the Severn Hospice. I suspect this will be easier for me as it supports a cause. Thinking about my writing and doing more with it made me realise that “just earning” money with it would not be enough for me. It actually is not the reason why I really want to write.

I love to support the people around me both the causes they support but also to make them aware what they really want to do and to support them to just get on with it and do it. Some years ago a friend and me were talking about things we want to do and it made her realise that she loved photography. After our conversation she bought herself a good camera, took a photography course and had done several big journeys which she captured brilliantly with her pictures. You can not imagine how happy it made me to see her doing what she really loved. That is who I am and therefore my writing has to go into that direction as well.

I have no idea yet what the short story might be about but that will come in good time :-).

Besides that I have chosen the poetry I want to put into my little poetry book as well as the pictures I want to have with those poems. Strangely it was more difficult to chose the pictures than the poems. I guess that has to do with the fact that I knew since a long time which of my poems I want to publish. Have been working on them and I think I improved some of them. The editing so far has just been reading them but I will do another round with reading them out loud because it gives you another idea of how they sound. I think poems should be read out loud anyway as their sound so often gives another dimension to them.

I also have written to some celebrities and newspapers about the Aurela campaign and so far one has written back. Hopefully I can write an article about the campaign and get some more people to support the little girl.

And I am writing about shadowing the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize with my reading group in Norwich. That is really exciting as the books are brilliant and I think I will see if I can read all the long listed books but not until the Readers Day on the 18th of May :-). Originally I wanted to write about it in this blog but as it is a prize which concentrates on translated fiction and it honours the translator as much as the author I realised that it has to be in my bi-lingual blog :-).

Last but not least I have decided what to do with my NaNoWriMo writing from last November. I wanted to write a novel for so long but lately I realise that shorter genres are much more my liking and there is one scene in that story that I really like. So I decided to work on that one and change it into a short story.

And then it is nearly May which means #frapalymo Petra Paul’s writing challenge is right in front of my doorstep. Can’t wait ~ I just can’t wait 🙂

Oh and then of course reading. Shadowing the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize means to read two of the short listed books and then discuss them but also to tweet about them and write about them on your blog. The Twitter hashtag is #iffp but so far not much has been tweeted which disappoints me a bit. There some brilliant blogs out there commenting on it. It is worth for you to look  the hashtag up and follow the links.

I also have set myself a challenge to read Steampunk novels as I just have discovered the genre and quite like it. Unfortunately not the first book I read which was “The Anubis Gates” from Tim Powers. I somehow could not get into the story and I did not really like the characters. The next one on my list is “What lies beneath the clock tower” by  Margret Killjoy and the introduction I read so far sounds good.

And then there are all the books from the International Fiction Reading Group and Fantasy of course. Oh life is so good ;-)!

Exciting projects on my plate I think  and it is nice to be back into some creative life :-).

What about you? What are your creative and reading projects? I love to hear from you!


“Traveller of the century” by Andres Neumann & “The Detour” by Gebrand Bakker which we read for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize



A challenge

Wow have I set myself a challenge!

I did not know what I got myself into when I decided to do the ABC of poetic forms. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy doing it and have a list for practically the whole year. But well doing a formal poem is quite a challenge and you have to really work on it. Maybe Stephen Fry is right with his criticism of the free modern verse :-).

I suppose I will learn a lot and will have a lot of to try out this year as well. For now I want to work more on the Balassi Stanza meaning I want to do some more because it has proofen to be quite tricky to make a good one.

What else is going on writing-wise? Nothing much to be honest. Was quite motivated to blog last week this week is a bit more difficult but that’ll go soon I suspect. It seems to be more difficult to blog at the end of the week as I work more and feel usual quite tired. So I will probably pre-write my posts to keep up not with the Kardashians but with my readers ;-).

I have not started on my #NaNoWriMo Novel again ~ seems like it has to rest for a while longer. But I have thought about it last week and got some more ideas which is encouraging.

What I like is my  meetings with a friend to take pictures. Had a nice one this Monday which kept my mood up.

Well how is your writing or other creative activities going on? Are you in a down or does the new year (and the survived end of the world for that 😉 ) motivate you no end? Feel free to share with us :-).


Happy new year….

… yes I might be a bit early for that but being confined mainly to the sofa and bed not being able to concentrate on anything in the last few days has born a few resolutions for 2013.

The good thing about blogging is the fact you can go back and check next year. Am already looking forward to where it will lead me :-).

A few weeks ago I have read about a new book Stephen Fry has brought out. “The ode less travelled” it is called where explains on the one hand that those who are able to speak and read English are also able to write poetry. On the other hand he critisises modern verse though as being watered down and boring as it is mainly free verse looking within the poet.

I thought that a bit arrogant at first but his challenging thesis did not leave my mind. Thetefore I have decided to go on a poetic voyage throughout the centuries and continents and learn about different pietic forms. I will also try them out. A challenge in itself :-).

Having been ill a considerable time of 2012 I have also decided to put more emphasis on exercise and gardening. Both are not only good for your health but also for your creativity. Lets hope the weather will support me :-).

And last but not least having missed my goodreads goal by about 6 books this year I will put more into my reading efforts.

Three worthy resolutions – lets see if I pull through.

So what are your new years resolutions? Do you have any? Are your challenging, highbrow or just plainly non-existent?

Am looking forward to hear from you but for now:

Let’s get the party started ;-)!

hope ~ #MondayPrompt (#amwriting #poetry)

I tried to escape the bandwagon of “The end of the world is near and it is 21/12/12” but I did not succeed. Somehow my mind is occupied with it and therefore our #MondayPrompt has to suffer from it ~ sorry :-)!

Hope Arts Gallery, Hope, British Columbia.

Hope Arts Gallery, Hope, British Columbia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, my idea is not really of total chaos, earthquakes and asteroids crashing into our lovely planet. My interpretation is that our world has already changed enormously due to new scientific knowledge (quantum physics) which has changed our image of reality and world already as well as the technological developement in the last 20 years. I am a strong believer that we are all connected and that energy is the reason for it all. I believe that our hopes and thoughts are energy as well which have an enormous influence on what goes on in our reality. And therefore I believe if we concentrate on the advantages and good things that can happen in change we will create that good change! So join me in creating a positive change for us all in getting creative with my #MondayPrompt called”HOPE”!

So please let your dreams, hopes and wishes inspire you to write, verse, get creative in any form you like and if you want to: link your creation to this blog or post it in a comment here. Thanks!

I will post my #MondayPrompt poem on Saturday (if the world still exists that is of course 😉 )!

If you want to write to me: morgaine620(at)

Have fun!

Gone? ~ a #MondayPrompt #poem

On Saturday’s I will post my #MondayPrompt poems. This weeks was a poem about lost friends and I hope it made you creative :-).

Gone?                                                          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


gone ~

have they






gone ~


with pain


just slipped




gone ~


their energy

and love

will stay

with you








What’s going on….

….. in my writing life.

No so much really. I am still getting used to my new blogging schedule which I really like but it is not in my mind yet so I have to look up what’s on every day.

I have published my first book with blurb which is a private one with pictures and I can not wait to see how it looks like. Last week I have decided to do my poetry books with them as they offer a shop where you can sell your books as well. I have not found out yet how it works as I first want to get the book done. Still chosing the poems and pictures. As a matter of fact I have not done anything on it. Well…. it’s Christmas Card writing time :-)!

I had quite a few ideas for short stories but forgot to write them down and so they are lost. What a shame ~ that’ll teach me ;-)!

Am really glad to be back in a bi-lingual schedule. Even though I was a bit fed up with it for some time I started to miss it a lot. Therefore some bi-lingual on Tuesdays.

Next week I am working one day more as it is Christmastime and customers go crazy with the shopping (how many turkeys does one really need????!) but I will pre-write most of my blog entries tomorrow and Saturday so I won’t fall behind.

Well that is about it. Hope you are ok and your writing goes well!



A #MondayPrompt about lost friends (#amwriting #poetry)

Will Dockery & friends

Will Dockery & friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Travelling always makes me creative ~ I do not know why. Maybe because you just sit and let the landscape roll by which makes your thoughts just jump around.

We went to see my husbands mother yesterday which is always a joyful and lovely experience. We have been travelling about 1 1/2 hours to see her and suddenly I had a surge of ideas for the #MondayPrompt which will last me until 2013! Brilliant!

Of course 21/12/12 is on our minds at times. This let me to think about people I have been close throughout my life and who have left my life. There are some who just slipped away for no special reason. Some have left in anger and some I have left in anger. I hope all of them are doing well and have found their happiness. I also hope they have forgiven me as I have forgiven them. After years you often just do not know anymore why things happen.

There are also friends who have left but do come back. With some I know even though I do not have any contact right now with them they will be back when the time is right.

So for week 10 ~ 16/12/12 the #MondayPrompt is

“Lost Friends”!

So please let the thoughts of your lost friends inspire you to write, verse, get creative in any form you like and if you want to link your creation to this blog or post it in a comment here. Thanks!

I will post my #MondayPrompt poem on Saturday!

If you want to write to me: morgaine620(at)

Have fun!



Manta Mantra a #MondayPrompt poem

On Saturday’s I will post my #MondayPrompt poems. This weeks was a poem about a manta maybe gliding through the sea or in any other way that made you creative :-).

Manta Mantra







the stormy



Manta birostris-NOAA

Manta birostris-NOAA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have come a long way….

Image of Stephen Fry

Image of Stephen Fry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned before I had planned to self~publish a little poetry book this year. I will not manage this year unfortunately but have started to work on it. I will do that with blurb which I like very much as it gives you a lot of freedom to be creative. You can keep the book just for yourself or put it up in the blurb store and see if anyone is interested.

I have already chosen the book format but now have to chose the poems that should go into it. I have space for nine poems so I had a look into my poetry blog and wow have I written many poems! If you write along, you never realise how creative you have been. My work has gone a bit astray as I saw loads of flaws in my presentation of the poems in the blog which has changed when I changed the layout for it. So I go through the whole blog edit the presentation and chose the poems that I want to go into closer selection. Then I will edit them to make them better which is something I have rarely done with my poems before. This excites me a lot because it is a new project; it is a dream I am fulfilling and I am learning and trying out new abilities.

Little did I believe that I would come this far when I wrote my first poems 26 (!) years ago. I just wrote for myself to express what was going on in my life (what else can you do at the age of 16 😉 ). It is nice though to see through all the time, see the developement that has happened and the different themes I was occupied with. It was mainly to do with the content but since the last #frapalymo and an article I read about a new book that Stephen Fry has brought out I am suddenly interested in the more formal part of poetry. What different types of poems are there? I want to try out new forms to find new creativity and a new form of expression.

So I have come a long way but hopefully will go along way as well :-)!