Randy Ingermanson on “naked dialogue” ~ brilliant

Flocon D'été .... Summer Snow Flake

Flocon D’été …. Summer Snow Flake (Photo credit: gmayster01 on & off …)

This brilliant article is from the “Advanced Fiction Writing E-Zine” of Randy Ingermanson and guess what? He allows to post them so of course I follow his advice and post the blurb as well 🙂

This article is reprinted by permission of the author.

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Craft: Naked Dialogue

“What’s naked dialogue?”

“It’s dialogue without any action, description,
interior monologue, or interior emotion.”

“Can you do that?”

“In short stretches.”

“Why would you do that? It sounds stupid.”

“If the main conflict is in the dialogue, then adding
anything else takes the edge off the conflict.”

“I don’t believe that could work. Give me three
examples where you’d use it.”

“Courtroom scenes. Interrogations. Um … can’t think of
a third example.”

“Maybe a Socratic dialogue?”

“Oh, right.”

“So you can actually make this work without even one tag
to tell me who’s talking?”

“If it works, it works.”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Then add in the minimum amount of other stuff
necessary to make it work.”

“I suppose you’d call that bikini dialogue then?”

“You’re stretching the metaphor too far.”

“And you somehow imagine this kind of dialogue works?”

“I know it.”

“Could you do a whole scene that way?”

Orson Scott Card did several scenes that way in

“How did the reader know who was talking?”

“Readers are smart.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Don’t readers have to see at
least one tag so they know the names of the speakers?”

“Not unless they need to know the names.”

“But you’d have to limit it to two people, right? You
couldn’t possibly do this with three people, could you?”

“Hey guys! Whatcha talking about so violent-like over
in the corner? Gretchen, are you practicing your
interrogation skills on poor Grendel?”

“Get lost, Goober. I’m just trying to get the bare

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! I get the message. I’m not wanted,
so I’m outta here. Give her heck, Grendel.”

“So what was your question again? Something about three

“Never mind, I figured it out.”

“Any more questions?”

“Well, naked dialogue sounds difficult. Is it worth it?”

“You have to decide that after it’s all written. You
can always throw the scene away if you don’t like it.”

“Have you ever tried it? In your own scene?”

“Just once.”


“Just now.”

“Oh, man, are you going meta on me? Mixing planes of
existential reality again? You are so weird!”

“Admit it, Gretchen, you love me.”

“That’s it. We’re finished and I’m leaving.”

“It ain’t over till I say it’s over.”

“You can’t keep me here against my–”

“It’s over.”




Gone? ~ a #MondayPrompt #poem

On Saturday’s I will post my #MondayPrompt poems. This weeks was a poem about lost friends and I hope it made you creative :-).

Gone?                                                          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


gone ~

have they






gone ~


with pain


just slipped




gone ~


their energy

and love

will stay

with you








What’s going on….

….. in my writing life.

No so much really. I am still getting used to my new blogging schedule which I really like but it is not in my mind yet so I have to look up what’s on every day.

I have published my first book with blurb which is a private one with pictures and I can not wait to see how it looks like. Last week I have decided to do my poetry books with them as they offer a shop where you can sell your books as well. I have not found out yet how it works as I first want to get the book done. Still chosing the poems and pictures. As a matter of fact I have not done anything on it. Well…. it’s Christmas Card writing time :-)!

I had quite a few ideas for short stories but forgot to write them down and so they are lost. What a shame ~ that’ll teach me ;-)!

Am really glad to be back in a bi-lingual schedule. Even though I was a bit fed up with it for some time I started to miss it a lot. Therefore some bi-lingual on Tuesdays.

Next week I am working one day more as it is Christmastime and customers go crazy with the shopping (how many turkeys does one really need????!) but I will pre-write most of my blog entries tomorrow and Saturday so I won’t fall behind.

Well that is about it. Hope you are ok and your writing goes well!



Are your stories like your children?

A few days ago I wrote about the fact that I have decided to stay with the shorter forms of writing eg poetry and short stories and of course my blogs. I said “good bye” to Zara as a project but she somehow does not leave me. It feels like a child I have nurtured ….

20 years is a long time to think about a story.

I wish I could decide on one route of writing and then stick to it!



Last week I sat with a co-worker and as she has come back to our shop after working somewhere else, I asked her if she wanted to stay or what she has planned. She told me she is writing a historic novel and poetry and we got talking about writing. She told me she is a member of WritersCafe.org but has not spent a lot of time there lately as she is studying at the OpenUniversity as well (I have no idea when that girl is sleeping: 39 H work per week, 39 H studies, writing a novel and extra work in a museum…… how lazy am I really??????!).

As I got curious what she is writing and about that site as well I signed up and got positively surprised. You can publish your own writing in several topics and you actually get feedback pretty fast. I signed up on Tuesday and already have two reviews.

WritersCafe.org offers a forum, courses, contests, your own blog, groups and help to publish your works. It seems to me to be a place where writing is taken serious but without being overly competitive. It is definitely worth a visit.

My profile is here: http://www.writerscafe.org/Phoenixrise


Can you write too much? (#amwriting)

English: Description: Social Networking Source...

English: Description: Social Networking Source: own work Author: koreshky Date: 12/10/2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately I wonder if there can be an addiction to writing?

Right now I have several projects going:

2 blogs under pseudonym

5 regular ones of my own

1 non-regular one

1 Science-fiction serial (blog form as well)

1 novel

several social networking sites

A lot to do when  you have a full-time job and try to  have a family and social life as well.

But it is fun ~ it is such fun 🙂



This is…

… what I wrote in my 10 mins free writing:


A strange date really. Why did not anybody chose this as the end of the world? Well, we do not know what will happen today and what will happen at 21/12/2012. Why this one? It does not really make sense but which of the ends of the world that have been depicted since I have been born have made sense?
Was just wondering if these talking about “the end of the world” are the same like in the middle ages or other major changes in history and mankind. Will we learn? Will there be a “Age of the Aquarius” where we will have peace and fair conditions for everyone?
I would love that. That is something to write for, to live for. In the end it is all about  healing and love. Love yourself. Who really does that? Not a lot of people I should think. Those who preaches it are so often just scam as afraid as everybody else just making money in a different way. Those who really got it just keep away from it all. Well, unless they want to teach but what does teaching really change? If the pupils are not ready for it they won’t learn. I more and more believe in this. If you are not ready you won’t learn.
This free writing seems to free something creative in me. I guess it is a good idea to do it all the time. But I also have the trouble with schedules. It seems to cage me in and take the fun of the writing. Too much a task. But how else can I manage all I want to write while working full-time? Should I stop working full-time?
No, i don’t think so. Besides that I do not want to disappoint Andy even more in me I think it is necessary to stay in contact with the real world. And wow how many characters can you find working in a supermarket? This is a writers heaven. Really. So many stereotypes. Life is always better than fiction because fiction just can not develop as much fear, cruelty and greed than there is in life. So there I am back at the end of the world. Greed will bring us all down and even though I am nearly 42 I still can not understand it. Why would you risk our earth and a peaceful living just to make money and have more power over others? What makes these people tick? Maybe that is what I am writing for. To find reasons for this. But are there any reasons? Probably what spiritual people say: Their soul has to experience how it is to be greedy and then karma comes back and they have to learn. But can you not just get your wits together and do it anyway without hurting others?”

I have just adjusted some question marks and some capitals and left the rest as I wrote it. I find it really interesting how much you can write without really thinking. I have given myself 10 mins every day. Just to start up and set myself a schedule for the rest of my writing. I think I wrote about it yesterday. That is what I refer to in the schedule bit. Yesterday I followed it but got this feeling of being caged into a routine and not being free. Which does my creativity in. It just blocks me. But if I just bugger around going along as it comes I can not get all the blogs + a novel done. I need to have a plan. So I started thinking about the schedule as a basic pattern that I can follow but can change things as it comes. You still have to be flexible as life always throws unexpected things at you. Today it felt a bit better. Am already changing the schedule bit by bit but I keep it in mind that I do not lose track of what I want to do.

Well, maybe that was not interesting at all for you but getting yourself organised is probably one of the most important tasks to tackle when you want to write 🙂


Still not back….

…. to writing the novel. But I am writing more than enough lately. Got a bit carried away when I wrote about the evening with Diego Marani but well I am in training and can make my mistakes ;-). Am also taking part in that German poetry project which ends in June: A poem a day and no excuses. It feels a bit like a holiday as I have not been writing a lot of poems for a few months. Seems though that my inner creative person was longing for some as I believe you do not meet anyone without a reason.

I also felt that I need to say something about the copyright discussions around the world. For some strange reason I feel more and more compelled to do my own thing and not go the publishing way. Self-pub is the magic word which might not make me a millionaire but maybe makes me happy.

And yes of course my poetry book project. Nearly finished with this one ~ still working on the foreword but can not wait to get it out there.

But I can see that she works underneath. Zara I mean. Still reading up on how to create a perfect novel on different levels and with different media. It’s fun. It makes sense for my life. I enjoy doing that and as I have learned throughout life: If you enjoy it the Universe will sort out the rest :-).