500 words ~ Day 11

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you think there is a moment when suddenly all writer’s blockages breaks down and you just get on and on writing?

Today I hit a record: Zara ~ first draft 603 words!

I don’t even need to push myself to sit down and do the writing. I just sit there and start. Well, I do have to have a look what I wrote the day before but then I just get on with it and dear me that is fun. Not quite sure where that story goes: Today the Mork’s patrol which infiltrated Zara’s reality found them. Her and her tribe. And these horrible creatures are quite hungry. Well, you get the gist. Of course, the tribe got away but I don’t tell you how. That would be cheating lol.

Interesting though that the creative process suddenly got independent from my planning or scheduling. It just hops along and makes the story exciting. I know of course, that I have to edit and bring everything in some readable order later on but right now it is just fun to see what will emerge.

If you have trouble with writing like this I suggest try out Linda G. Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday or the writing prompt “Lean against… and listen“. Happy Writing!

Getting into gear

I am proud to announce I am getting there ;-).

Well at least I have pre-written all my blog posts from Monday onwards as I will be on holiday as well as getting married just the day before NaNoWriMo starts. What a set up :-)!

To be honest I am immensely proud I have managed that. I have set a goal and achieved it.

In the last few days I have not been working at all on the novel. My characters are outlined and I think I have to go into more detail after NaNo. I have started a scene list which hopefully will guide me along but I am not happy with it as it is. Still thinking about the form of the whole thing and probably figuring out the plot. Therefore I will use the last couple of days for working on that list and then I just keep going I guess…. I will also use the time to read some archived pep talks and what ever else I can find about NaNo. Not quite sure yet how the word count thing works. Where do I submit it and how often? Just in the end? Well, I am sure I will find out somehow :-).

Am thinking a lot about the fact that I have so many projects started but never finished. So much creativity wasted and so much energy used on unsatisfying day jobs! Really sad, don’t you think?But I know I am there now: I have started to follow through my goals and I am learning more and more about writing itself.

The most important insight I have gained lately? The first draft can be sh…! You work it over and make it into a jewel like polishing a diamond! That is the hard bit I suppose but I am determined to learn the craft and at last I feel happy :-).

What about you? Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? Is it your first time or are you a veteran already?  Do you have any tips?

I am looking forward to read from you :-)!

I’ve done it ~….


…. I’ve read “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.

I actually did not want to read it as I am always a bit suspicious when books get such big attention in the media. But Randy Ingermanson the creator of the “Snowflake Method” suggested to read it in one of his newsletters and Amazon had a special offer for the Kindl. Well, I could not resist :-).

At first I was really disappointed because the first few chapters seemed to me more telling than action. But Katniss the main character is a strong one really. She is shown as a strong young woman who feeds her family but is also very vulnerable. Her main focus is on keeping her family alive. When her little sister got chosen to take part in the Hungergames ~ a fight of 12 – 18 year olds to the death ~ she takes her place.

And as soon as she enters the games her story telling gets breath-taking. Loads of action but also a romance that isn’t one. Or is it?