Reading time…..

Do you think as a writer you sometimes need a break and just read?

Last week we had trouble with the internet so I could not go on for about a week. Incidentally I also took part in a reading challenge by the goodreads group My big fat booky Challenge-athon which meant I was to read 24 hours in 7 days.

Dear me I enjoyed that. I just sat there constantly reading and got through an awful lot of books. And I remembered how I used to do that in the olden days…….

…. yes the olden days when I was a teenager and life was half as difficult but felt double as :-). On top of that I have bought J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” which I first read in those days and it just made me reminiscing.

I never had that feeling again just to dive into books and lose myself and let my phantasy run wild and get away from it all. When I got into my twenties I started to have trouble to find books I really wanted to read. But goodreads and my reading group in Norwich has really brought that back.

And I cherish this feeling. Can’t get enough of it. There are so many brilliant writers out there and so many brilliant genres as well.

And what has that brought to my writing? I have no idea to be honest 🙂 ……. maybe you have any?



Are your stories like your children?

A few days ago I wrote about the fact that I have decided to stay with the shorter forms of writing eg poetry and short stories and of course my blogs. I said “good bye” to Zara as a project but she somehow does not leave me. It feels like a child I have nurtured ….

20 years is a long time to think about a story.

I wish I could decide on one route of writing and then stick to it!


Can you write too much? (#amwriting)

English: Description: Social Networking Source...

English: Description: Social Networking Source: own work Author: koreshky Date: 12/10/2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately I wonder if there can be an addiction to writing?

Right now I have several projects going:

2 blogs under pseudonym

5 regular ones of my own

1 non-regular one

1 Science-fiction serial (blog form as well)

1 novel

several social networking sites

A lot to do when  you have a full-time job and try to  have a family and social life as well.

But it is fun ~ it is such fun 🙂



Think I have mentioned the Ledbury Poetry Competition…

English: Prince of Wales Pub Situated in Churc...

English: Prince of Wales Pub Situated in Church Lane, the famous cobbled street in Ledbury. Adjacent is the old grammar school, now a heritage centre (i.e. museum!) The spire of Ledbury church is in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… a few times.

The Ledbury Poetry Competition is held by the Ty Newyyd, the National Writing Centre for Wales. Its residential Poet is actually Ian Duhig who is one of the judges.

There are money prizes to be won as well as courses with the Centre in the categories: Adults, Young People, Children. The fees are 5 £ per first poem and 3 £ for subsequent poems for Adults. The first poem is for free for Young People and Children. Subsequent ones are 1.50 £.

Poems should not be longer than 40 Lines and send in two copies which can not be send back. They should not been published before or been accepted for publishing. For full entry rules see:


Still not back….

…. to writing the novel. But I am writing more than enough lately. Got a bit carried away when I wrote about the evening with Diego Marani but well I am in training and can make my mistakes ;-). Am also taking part in that German poetry project which ends in June: A poem a day and no excuses. It feels a bit like a holiday as I have not been writing a lot of poems for a few months. Seems though that my inner creative person was longing for some as I believe you do not meet anyone without a reason.

I also felt that I need to say something about the copyright discussions around the world. For some strange reason I feel more and more compelled to do my own thing and not go the publishing way. Self-pub is the magic word which might not make me a millionaire but maybe makes me happy.

And yes of course my poetry book project. Nearly finished with this one ~ still working on the foreword but can not wait to get it out there.

But I can see that she works underneath. Zara I mean. Still reading up on how to create a perfect novel on different levels and with different media. It’s fun. It makes sense for my life. I enjoy doing that and as I have learned throughout life: If you enjoy it the Universe will sort out the rest :-).

Priorities in #amwriting

Priorities are probably one of the main challenges you have to deal with when you want to be a writer.

As long as bills have to be paid there is not much space for the creativity as day jobs are usually exhausting and/or boring. And you do not only want to work and write. There is some time needed for eating, sleeping, family, friends, household chores, hobbies…. you name it. And there are also different creative projects.

Mine for 2012 are writing the fantasy novel, produce at least two poetry books via blurb and (since last night) take part in the Ledbury Poetry Competition. I have only taken part once in a poetry competition in Germany and I have not even been considered. Not exactly encouraging this. But well times are a changing :-).

Last night I laid awake and wondered which of all I want to do today as it is my day off work. I want to go on with Zara. I also want to go on reading and learn more to write. I want to create those poetry books. I want to write all my blogs. I want to write the poems for the competition. So many “I wants” and only 24 hours!

I am an emotional person who follows her intuition a lot. It always tells me the right thing and right now it tells me to stick with the poetry for a bit. Seems I process a lot with poetry and I just enjoy writing in metaphors and in shorter pieces. So for today I have decided to dedicate the day to the poetry books and imagining the feeling how it will be to have finished the novel and see it published no matter if with a publishing house or indie. Hopefully that will give me loads of motivation to go on :-).

Priorities help to get organised. Being a creative person is often connected with an image of a slightly crazy person who has chaos around her/him and dedicates their life only to their art. But the reality looks a lot different to many of us. If you have a family, a day job and want to be creative you have to be highly organised to get on with all of it. Unfortunately it is often something that we feel goes against the creativity. That is the inner child who just wants to play and express :-).

The secret is probably to get the balance right: to let the child play and to let the adult do the organisation.

The few times I have managed to do some planning at the beginning of the week or the day has shown me that it is much more effective and productive to work like this. Only if you know what needs doing you can do it. I know it sounds a bit silly as it seems so clear but how much do we practise it?

Besides my projects I have set myself a challenge: To set aside some time per day to organise what needs doing and to set priorities.

What about you? How do you deal with the many projects and chores that are in your life? Do you have a “perfect” recipe to get the balance right? I would love to hear from you 🙂

Reading ~ nurturing the writer to be

I had no energy what so ever to write in the last few days even though the story or more the story line was in my mind all the time. I guessed I needed some time off to recharge. Seems like I can write about half of the week and the rest I need to deal with other things.

Arthur Miller, American playwright

Arthur Miller, American playwright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The story is called “I don’t need you any more” written in 1959. It is about a 5-year-old Jewish boy on one of the Jewish Holidays trying to get to grips with his mother’s pregnancy, her feelings for an old friend, with religion and how to behave properly. Arthur Miller really gets you into the mind of the boy and his anxieties and hopes. It is at times so intense that I have to stop reading.  I have read “Death of a Salesman” in School and enjoyed it as well but never got to read anything else. Definitely a loss on my side. Not only other things but also concentrate on reading. I guess you can not write if you do not like to read. A few days ago I started the Short Story anthology “Presence” by Arthur Miller. Just half way through the first story but my goodness is this intense reading. Have not figured out properly how Arthur Miller did it but it is a joy to read him.

Well, there is enough time to get some more from him. I definitely recommend this book for writers to be.

Now I try to get myself back to write the novel. Have planned to do housework ect today before I go to work so I will have the whole day for writing tomorrow which is my day off. Well, I keep you updated how successful I will be 🙂

After some “desert time”….

…. I am back working on “Zara”. Think I am a bit all over the place but that is probably my way of working: Creative Chaos you know ;-).

Today I created a Pantheon for Zara’s Religion as well as a prediction for the end of the world and a myth of the creation of the world. Did some geography and wanted to start on a history of her people/ her continent. But I am getting tired and I think I need a break. Will go on tomorrow. Am glad I am back on writing though :-)!

I chose the names for the gods and goddesses from existing mainly Greek and Assyrian deities but changed them a bit. Love the creation myth: The goddess is dancing and her pearl necklace splits and the pearls fall into the universe and become stars and planets. Geography wise I just played along. But at least their planet is round as well, has two poles and loads of ocean. Aw can’t wait to go on…..

Ahhhh day job and creative work…. (must be Groundhog day)

…. can be so frustrating. But I will not give in. Had a soak after work and an idea occured to me how some of the characters can be connected and how that brought around some conflict in their world. But I could not decide yet how to call it. I like how “Shannara” sounds and I like the myths about Atlantis but “Shalantis” sounds kind of weird.

In this spirit have a creative evening 🙂