Am quite proud

I have had a look at the whole week and realised that I won’t have a lot of time for writing on Thursday or Saturday. So I used my day off yesterday to prepare my blogs for those days which will give me a bit of time either to write Zara anyway or just to relax a bit and spent time with the family.

I guess keeping the working/writing/family/getting rest balance is an important point to consider and I will see what comes from it from now on.

Zara and Alaana have arrived in Erecura’s Sanctuary, the heart of my world to learn a few things but it will also bring events on as Alaana can hardly get to grips with her powers. They become more clear in my mind and I think the more you write the more you get to know them.

Ah and of course Morsmart. I have set myself about 600 words to write on Tuesdays and Fridays. That seems to be a good schedule for a serial. It is really an interesting experience to do it this way. But I wrote both Tuesday’s and Friday’s and even started the next Tuesday’s as well. Was a lot with all the other stuff but I got excited.  Ah well I love to write :-).

This is…

… what I wrote in my 10 mins free writing:


A strange date really. Why did not anybody chose this as the end of the world? Well, we do not know what will happen today and what will happen at 21/12/2012. Why this one? It does not really make sense but which of the ends of the world that have been depicted since I have been born have made sense?
Was just wondering if these talking about “the end of the world” are the same like in the middle ages or other major changes in history and mankind. Will we learn? Will there be a “Age of the Aquarius” where we will have peace and fair conditions for everyone?
I would love that. That is something to write for, to live for. In the end it is all about  healing and love. Love yourself. Who really does that? Not a lot of people I should think. Those who preaches it are so often just scam as afraid as everybody else just making money in a different way. Those who really got it just keep away from it all. Well, unless they want to teach but what does teaching really change? If the pupils are not ready for it they won’t learn. I more and more believe in this. If you are not ready you won’t learn.
This free writing seems to free something creative in me. I guess it is a good idea to do it all the time. But I also have the trouble with schedules. It seems to cage me in and take the fun of the writing. Too much a task. But how else can I manage all I want to write while working full-time? Should I stop working full-time?
No, i don’t think so. Besides that I do not want to disappoint Andy even more in me I think it is necessary to stay in contact with the real world. And wow how many characters can you find working in a supermarket? This is a writers heaven. Really. So many stereotypes. Life is always better than fiction because fiction just can not develop as much fear, cruelty and greed than there is in life. So there I am back at the end of the world. Greed will bring us all down and even though I am nearly 42 I still can not understand it. Why would you risk our earth and a peaceful living just to make money and have more power over others? What makes these people tick? Maybe that is what I am writing for. To find reasons for this. But are there any reasons? Probably what spiritual people say: Their soul has to experience how it is to be greedy and then karma comes back and they have to learn. But can you not just get your wits together and do it anyway without hurting others?”

I have just adjusted some question marks and some capitals and left the rest as I wrote it. I find it really interesting how much you can write without really thinking. I have given myself 10 mins every day. Just to start up and set myself a schedule for the rest of my writing. I think I wrote about it yesterday. That is what I refer to in the schedule bit. Yesterday I followed it but got this feeling of being caged into a routine and not being free. Which does my creativity in. It just blocks me. But if I just bugger around going along as it comes I can not get all the blogs + a novel done. I need to have a plan. So I started thinking about the schedule as a basic pattern that I can follow but can change things as it comes. You still have to be flexible as life always throws unexpected things at you. Today it felt a bit better. Am already changing the schedule bit by bit but I keep it in mind that I do not lose track of what I want to do.

Well, maybe that was not interesting at all for you but getting yourself organised is probably one of the most important tasks to tackle when you want to write 🙂


Zara is calling….

After a month or so I have been back to writing “Zara” and it was not difficult to get back into it. I am quite happy about that. Am trying not to get too much into detail yet as it is the first draft and I just want to get on with it but I leave comments in the text where I think I have to work on. I guess that will help later on but also keeps me working and lose track.

Tried to work out a routine this morning for my writing sessions which for now look like this:

1/2 hour reading

10 min free writing

1 hour Zara

1-2 hours  Blogs

Of course it will vary how much time I have and if I write in the morning or evening depending on my shifts at work. But I think this is quite good as a basic routine from which I can work.

Had loads of ideas for my blog and have started to write them down as drafts directly in the blogs that I do not have to think about what to write for a while. I think that will work fine. Even did some exercise to get me a bit fitter. …

Done the first….

…. of the Morsmart entries and I really enjoyed it. I have a broad idea how it should go but let my creativity and intuition lead me where to let it go. The characters are not yet fully alive in my mind but I give myself the freedom to let them grow with the blog. It is just all an experiment and just a fun thing. Won’t do it every day though. Am not Superwoman lol or Superwriter :-).

I have always had trouble with routines. From an early age on there were hardly any in my life so I am just not used to it. Leaves you in a kind of creative chaos stage. But with all I have taken on with writing I guess I need some routines to get on with things. Wonder how I can manage as I am working shifts which are different every week so there is no real routine to get going. Figured out that I could create myself a writing routine though that I can follow no matter at what time of the day I am writing. Like starting with 10 min free writing, 1 hour Zara and then the blogs because it is easier for me to do them so I do them last. You have to trick yourself sometimes I assume. Well let’s see how we get on, shall we :-)?

Getting back into Zara will be tough because I have not worked on it for at least a month. Shame it is like that but it is not that I have not been creative and that is what counts the most.

Aw nearly forgot. Was reading Kirsten Lamb’s blog yesterday and followed her invitation to the WANAtribe but unfortunately Ning does not really work with Google Chrome so I have trouble to get back onto it. Am really disappointed about that as I am thinking about leaving Facebook. I do not like their constant changes and the questions about privacy and data protection. But on the other hand I am in a really lovely photography group on Facebook and it got me back in touch with a few old friends so maybe I won’t do it after all. But I really liked that WANA thing. You should go and have a look and make up your own mind.

Well that’s it for today. Tomorrow is Sunday my blog free day. Have some reading to do as I am about 3 Books behind my Goodreads goal for 2012. Finished the Thomas Hardy poems which did not really inspire me. Had too much trouble with the old-fashioned English. Now am getting on with the Arthur Miller short stories which are really good and gripping. I really want to know how they go on even though the incredible good descriptions of people, places and atmosphere sometimes bore me a bit. How can it be incredible good then? I am aware that they really create atmosphere but they are a bit too long for my taste at times. I guess I am too much a Twitter-child even though born in the 70’s :-).

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