not creative

Am still not feeling extremely creative.

Sometimes it is like that. I think Julia Cameron called it “Desert times” when you just can not be creative in your chosen art. But she also said something like: those times are needed and should be appreciated to do other things and other arts.

There is transformation at work. Underneath your conscience. Just let it happen. Go with the flow!




You need some inspiration….

….. or just simply a break? Get some friends or your kids and do the “drawing game”!


You need a piece of paper and a pen each. As many as want to can play.


At first everybody draws a head without the others seeing. You fold the paper up so that you can only see the bottom of the head or the neck. You hand your paper to the player beside you and you get the one from the other side.


Now you draw a body and fold up the paper again. Give it to the next.


Now you draw legs and fold the paper again. Give it to the next players.

At last you can reveal your creations. The kids and I could play this for ages and it always gives my creativity a push.

Short one today

Today is somehow strange.


Day job was short as we had a power cut and there was nothing left to do. So I came home but could not get myself around to get into writing directly. Tomorrow I will do the left hours from today which I agreed to as I hate it to stay at work when there is nothing really to do while knowing the other day will be mental. That one is sorted.

But being away for a week has given me some time to think about where I want to go and I realized that I am not really happy with my blogging schedule. I love to blog you know that by now but I would rather concentrate on more quality than quantity. So for the x-time in the last two years I will change my schedule again. Seems  I have to try out as long as I can find a way that I want and can live with.

Well, I’ll let you know 🙂



Do you need a sidekick for your creativity? (#amwriting)

Lately I have realised that a lot of my poems are inspired by music. Somehow music does stir some muse in myself and keeps me writing. I have also realised that I can relax a lot when taking photographs so when I really can not get into writing I just get my mobile or camera and play around.

That is why I started to wonder if you need a sidekick creative activity for your creative work. Julia Cameron gave the advice in her book “The Artists Way” to have a day off per week to play around as creativity seems to work best in a playful surrounding. It does not work if it is a task and a responsibility according to her theory. In my experience this is true. I love blogging and writing but when life gets tough and writing is more on a schedule than fun then I just lose it.

If I start playing around with something like the free writing or the photography I get that fun back and can go on writing.

Therefore I think you need a sidekick for your creativity but what about you? Do you have a sidekick creative activity or does it come naturally not matter how the mood?

It is Monday….

…. and I am well organised.

Worked on two characters today Orva the Grandmother of Zara and Zara’s Mother Shannon who lives as leader of the baddies in the city. I still do not have a full idea of how the story will go but at least I know that there will be a fight and some death sentences in the end :-). Awww life is full of wonders 😉

Even though I had to work in my day job yesterday my decision to have one writing~free day is a good one. It gives me a break to play around with something else one tip Julia Cameron gives in her book “The Artists Way“: Give your creates work a day off and do some play. Play around with what ever you enjoy. May it be gardening, playing with the children, reading whatever as long as you enjoy it. Because Creativity bloomed well when you were a child and did not take everything so serious. Life was an adventure, there was something new to discover every day and that is inspiring.

After work I spend time with the children listening to what they love to do. As they were so occupied with a online game page they are on I just sat there having a cup of tea and later on stumbled on Stumble Upon. Oh dear I love that site. You can choose things you are interested in and they just lead you to interesting pages. You can also add pages that you find interesting. Lately I mainly browse photography but there are other very good topics as well.

I have read her book a long time ago but there are some lessons I have learned and I found really helpful:

You have to allow yourself to be a bad artist in order to become a good one!

There are desert times and they are necessary (meaning sometimes creativity does not work but it just does not work consciously subconsciously a lot happens ~ just go and play)

Give yourself a day to play!

I wish you a very playful and creative week!