Veni, Vidi, Vici ~ #NaNoWriMo #amwriting is finished

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I can not believe it!

I have really done it!

As you can see at the side on my #NaNoWriMo badge I am now officially a winner and I finished with 50537 words. ( The google drive word count had said 50522 but never mind ;-).)

What an experience!

It was a total up and down. There were days when I could not manage more than 500 words and then others when I worked up to 4000 and yesterday even over 5000. Never thought I could write that much.

This achievement makes me enormously proud as it has taught me an awful lot:

~ writing needs buddies who cheer you on (Thanks Cheryl 🙂 )
~ you can always catch up when you are determined
~ I can finish to a deadline
~ a first draft is a first draft and not a finished novel
~ writing is the hardest work I have ever done but definitely the most satisfying!!!!!
~ I love what I am doing!

It feels already a bit like I am on cold turkey lol but I will survive (lalalalalaaaaa….. 😉 )

What comes next?

This first draft will rest until 2013 and then I will do my trainee editing. I have never edited a novel so I will read up and then just get on with it and learn on the go. Am thinking about self~publishing but I think I might put it on a blog first and then see what reactions will come. Hopefully honest ones that bring me on. I am proud of my baby but I also know that it is a bit kitsch. So maybe you dear readers out there might help me along?????

I will also compress my blog writing. But you will see how that will go ~ surprise surprise 😉

You out there take care! To you #NaNoWriMo winners: congrats! To you still writing: You can do it! To you who struggle to reach the 5000: it’s the taking part that matters!

I will allow myself a well deserved pause with hopefully loads of reading and will be back on Monday! Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Just a short update on my #NaNoWriMo 2012


I can proudly announce that my wordcount has reached a staggering 4358 since yesteday. Am mighty proud even though I am still about 2300 words behind and will finish on Christmas Day with my actual writing speed.

My goodness me I love the NaNoWriMo statistics page even though I still hope it counts in US time and I have a bit more time than Greenwich Meantime allows :-).

But in earnest:

I am quite proud as I have been writing even though we had the children here and there was Minecraft in my back and Battlefield in front of me with occasional outbreaks of youthful frustration. There was also the good old inner critic who told me many a times how bad my writing is. I shut him up with the goal of #NaNoWriMo: Get 50 000 words written no matter what!

Plotting, story structure, characters……. I had it all planned out with good old Randy Ingermanson and his Snowflake Method and then I started writing and it all went into the pants. Literally. I have no idea who is writing my novel but it is nowhere near what I had plotted out. Not that mine was better and this is worse. I am just not sure if I am really ready to write a heartbreaking love story instead of the fight of an independent woman to free herself from her past ;-).

My only writing buddy wrote something about “50 000 words of poo” this morning and made me laugh. It does not matter really what comes out in the end, does it? As long as we write!

And writing I will.  At least for the next few hours……… 🙂

Can’t get into it

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I don’t like Mondays” do you remember that classic Boomtown Rats song about a massacre in a school?

Well there is hopefully no massacre around here but I have this song in my mind the whole morning and just can not get into writing this morning. Or more exact into working on my NaNoWriMo Novel.

Working with the Snowflake Method I am nearly at the end part where I have to do a scene list of the whole novel. I have never done that and feel that I need some more time than todays schedule offers.

Working with it for a while it still feels like a good thing but I am more a pantster by nature and keeping such a strict work schedule is hard. But maybe that is exactly what I need to get where I want to go as organisation is a bit of a flaw of mine.

Well in day job terms I have learned that good organisation makes life so much easier so why not do it in writing as well?

Coming back to “not getting into writing”: I have already written three blog entries for today + 2 pre written ones for NaNoWriMo. So why do I feel I can not get into writing? That is actually quite a lot and now I do the fourth for today.

I also have sorted a plot problem I was pondering about for a while. I have realised that I did not really get my characters into trouble and I never knew what kind of conflict they keep carrying with themselves. Having read my books lately with these points in mind I realised that  this is one of the most important things to keep one reading (as if they do not keep telling me 😉 ).

But it is one thing to understand that on a logic level but another to put it into practise. So I consider myself as a trainee writer and just try out and try to silence that inner critic and just do it.

And maybe now I just allow myself some break to relax, read a bit and then get over with the day job!

Update on “me and the NaNoWriMo” ;-)


I can’t remember if I mentioned in this blog that at least three people told me in the last 4 weeks that I am not organised.


Now I believe in synchronicities and took this as a message from the universe that I have to have a look at my organisation of my writing. I realised that I am on a good way to be better organised but not there yet and whoosh another synchronicity:


Randy Ingermanson was writing in his newsletter about journalling your writing business which means to write down your goals and then write down which you have achieved and which need to be moved or changed. I have started this for my writing even though I am not sure yet if this shall lead me to a real business but well it helps anyway.


And what does this have to do with the National Novel Writing Month?


Well, when I decided to take part I also had to decide what I will do with my blogs: let them be paused or go on writing. Both did not seem right or possible. So I decided I take this month to write the entries for November and schedule them. This way I can fully concentrate on the NaNoWriMo but do not lose my blogs.


So far I am quite good. The diary really helps to stay focussed and I even achieved more goals than I have planned.


That is a really good feeling!


May your writing be creative this week and may you achieve whatever your goal is!


National Novel Writing Month Web Badge

National Novel Writing Month Web Badge (Photo credit: ajsundby)





What have I done?????!


Oh dear what have I done?

In a mood of “I really really want to write that novel now, soon ah I don’t know when and I had decided not to write any novels anyway….!” I signed up for the “National Novel Writing Month” which is all November every years since 1999. I had heard about it since autumn last year but as I had not idea about word counts or what mine might be I found the idea to write a first draft for a novel in one month pretty daunting.

This year I read about it again and suddenly felt I had nothing to lose just to have a look. And then I got hooked :-). Well, I know now that I can easily write 600 words in a day but 1666 every day for a month? Still daunting to be honest. But it also feels like a pretty cool challenge which is worth it.

The initiators of the #NaNoWriMo how it is abbreviated and used as a Twitter hashtag are a non-profit organisation called “The Office of Letters and Light”  which goal it is to help adults and kids reach their creative potential. Now if that is not a fine value :-)!

They organise many events one of which is the #NaNoWriMo. They offer and enormous amount of help with prep-talks, word count calculators, working with libraries and forums. What really took me in at last was the fact that they have a similar program for children and work with schools as well. What has started in the San Fransisco Bay Area with 21 writers just for fun has become a world-wide phenomenon with many novels written and even some published. (I just had a look ~ its actually quite a lot published 🙂 )

I like the whole idea and I like to finish at least one novel in my life even though I seem to have a change of mind quite constantly lately about the length of my preferred writing form. Well, who cares as long as I write lol.

No doubt I will wake up every morning until the 31. of November and ask myself “What have I done?!” but maybe you like to share my fate and join in as well????????




Last week I sat with a co-worker and as she has come back to our shop after working somewhere else, I asked her if she wanted to stay or what she has planned. She told me she is writing a historic novel and poetry and we got talking about writing. She told me she is a member of but has not spent a lot of time there lately as she is studying at the OpenUniversity as well (I have no idea when that girl is sleeping: 39 H work per week, 39 H studies, writing a novel and extra work in a museum…… how lazy am I really??????!).

As I got curious what she is writing and about that site as well I signed up and got positively surprised. You can publish your own writing in several topics and you actually get feedback pretty fast. I signed up on Tuesday and already have two reviews. offers a forum, courses, contests, your own blog, groups and help to publish your works. It seems to me to be a place where writing is taken serious but without being overly competitive. It is definitely worth a visit.

My profile is here:


Some encouragement

Sometimes little things can motivate you without end.

A co-worker of mine is reading “Morsmart ~ at the end of the Galaxy”  on a regular basis and said to me today: ” You know what? The story you are writing on the net? I am printing it out and make it into a book!”

What else do you need as encouragement to go on writing?

Am quite proud

I have had a look at the whole week and realised that I won’t have a lot of time for writing on Thursday or Saturday. So I used my day off yesterday to prepare my blogs for those days which will give me a bit of time either to write Zara anyway or just to relax a bit and spent time with the family.

I guess keeping the working/writing/family/getting rest balance is an important point to consider and I will see what comes from it from now on.

Zara and Alaana have arrived in Erecura’s Sanctuary, the heart of my world to learn a few things but it will also bring events on as Alaana can hardly get to grips with her powers. They become more clear in my mind and I think the more you write the more you get to know them.

Ah and of course Morsmart. I have set myself about 600 words to write on Tuesdays and Fridays. That seems to be a good schedule for a serial. It is really an interesting experience to do it this way. But I wrote both Tuesday’s and Friday’s and even started the next Tuesday’s as well. Was a lot with all the other stuff but I got excited.  Ah well I love to write :-).