Hello out there,

how has your writing been in the last 7 days? Were you struggling or have you had fun?

I think I have been concentrating a lot on my struggles lately and forgot a little how much fun writing can be. A few weeks ago I stumbled over a blogpost by Tim Ferris called “How to built a high traffic blog without killing yourself“. It featured his talk at the San Fransisco Wordcamp in 2009 and gives a few ideas of how he deals with his blogs. And last Wednesday I had time to watch it at last.

The tip that stayed in my mind of his presentation was this:” Most of all: have fun!” because if you have fun your readers will have fun. I remember hearing this from authors too and having a look into my experience with my own pieces of writing I can only agree: …… Please read more at The River is flowing

Blogging on the go

I was really exited when I realised that both blogger and wordpress had apps for android phones.

So I downloaded them and thought I would have a go. It does work and it is not too bad really: I can write the entries and even put pictures. What I find difficult is that you have to add links manually and that you can not read entries in order. At least the wordpress app seems to have a mind of its own and show you entries from all over the place.

But if you want to read the blogs you have joined the reading of those is really good.

Well, I guess you can not have everything: blogging on the go and all the luxuries of your pc or laptop.


My amazing “blog-phenomenon” (#amwriting #blogging)

Well, this blog post was supposed to be a lot longer but unfortunately my laptop is still playing up and so I am back to the mobile with a lot less time.

I am blogging since about 3 years and never bothered a lot about how many readers I had. But then one of my blogs got more of them and I felt really good about it.

So I started to find out how I could improve my follower count. What works the best for me so far is contacting other blogs via comments, links and Twitter #hashtags.

But the most effective way seems to be my little “followerpower” project on “phoenixrisesagain” where I say “Thank you” to my followers with a mention and a link to their blogs. I increased my follower count by about 20 – 30 readers within 3 weeks and am still stunned!


proofread and #editing (#amwriting #blogging)

Now that I am more into writing my thoughts go more and more towards proofreading and editing.

To be honest I feel like I have no idea what I am doing when I proofread and edit. Well, of course checking all the spelling and grammar as far as I am capable of as well as checking if it all makes sense. But what else do you have to have a look at?

For one I try to get my five senses in: Does the text not only see but also smell, feel, hear and taste? It makes a text so much more alive when you think about those and try to get some in. For me it is a learning curve. I have just started thinking about that even when I write so there is some improvement to be expected :-).

Also the famous: Do not explain – make it happen! Whenever we can we should write in active mode that the hero experiences something not that the author describes something to the reader. I find that really difficult. Especially when I need to write about feelings and how people express those. It needs a lot of attention to get that bit right. But it is also fun to re-read and change things into the active.

What else am I missing with editing? See if the tense is right.

If you write in past tense stay in past tense. I have no idea why I constantly jump tenses. Maybe it is just natural but it annoys me enormously that I have to spend so much time on checking these bits.

Well, have I missed an important point of proofreading and editing? I can not think about anything else but am sure there is more. Maybe you know and want to tell me :-)?