500 Words ~ Day 12 ~ Not motivated at all

It shall be a short one today:

I am nearly off to see a friend I have not seen in ages even though I am a little apprehensive as I have to drive for about 45 min and its quite stormy outside. I will brave it though.

Accordingly I was not really motivated to do my 500 words today. But I’ve done it: 508 more words of my novel. i can see and feel holes everywhere in the story but I try to keep my momentum going. It’s a first draft and I can clear up anything later on. In this sense: Happy Writing for you!

500 words ~ Day 11

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you think there is a moment when suddenly all writer’s blockages breaks down and you just get on and on writing?

Today I hit a record: Zara ~ first draft 603 words!

I don’t even need to push myself to sit down and do the writing. I just sit there and start. Well, I do have to have a look what I wrote the day before but then I just get on with it and dear me that is fun. Not quite sure where that story goes: Today the Mork’s patrol which infiltrated Zara’s reality found them. Her and her tribe. And these horrible creatures are quite hungry. Well, you get the gist. Of course, the tribe got away but I don’t tell you how. That would be cheating lol.

Interesting though that the creative process suddenly got independent from my planning or scheduling. It just hops along and makes the story exciting. I know of course, that I have to edit and bring everything in some readable order later on but right now it is just fun to see what will emerge.

If you have trouble with writing like this I suggest try out Linda G. Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday or the writing prompt “Lean against… and listen“. Happy Writing!

500 Words ~ Day 10

Je suis Charlie

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Something amazing happened today:

For the first time, I felt like writing could be my calling. It felt like: “Yes, I am a writer!” Not a blogger. Or a poetess. Or a hobby writer but simply a writer. I like that feeling. I also realise that it takes so much pressure of yourself when you realise you write a first draft in the beginning, and you can just let your imagination work its wonders. Nothing to do just let it flow. Maybe my Stream of Consciousness writing with “Lean against … and listen” and Linda’s SoCS has taken away a blockage that has stopped me from bringing all those stories to you that are hiding in my subconsciousness. That would be cool!

As for Zara: 513 words today and it looks like there is a romance in the making. I had not planned that. Of course, there was Ciar who secretly was in love with Zara but that was never going to work out. I knew that much. Two days ago though Flor appeared on the scene a young friend of her father’s who protected her when she woke up from a vision in the River People’s land. And his green eyes had a deep impact on our young girl.

Let’s see where that one leads us….

500 words ~ day 8 & 9

Je suis Charlie

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My Life seems to be dominated by extremes. Day 7: I manage 584 ~ Day 8: 10 :-).

And today? 299! Not so bad for 20 min in my lunch break at work. I was not in the mood at all for writing. But as I figured I would not want to or be able to write anything after a very hard shift I got myself around and just got on with it. Now I wish I had started earlier not waste so much time but well, tomorrow is another day, and I can do some more.

It feels good just to get on with the story. And it also feels good to write a first draft. I can just write along, and the fine tuning and hard work comes later. I think I like this writing thing more and more 🙂

500 Words ~ Day 7 & Excerpt

Looks like I am getting into it:

534 in the end on day 6
584 day 7

And here a little excerpt. Please don’t forget: It’s an unedited first draft 🙂

“….Zara listened to their footsteps mingling with the sounds of the forest. Snakes and birds moving in the undergrowth. The call of an owl and the light tap of paws behind her. When she turned, she could see the cat following her.
As she turned back, she could feel the cat’s head rubbing on her left hand as if she wanted to say: It’ll be ok. Don’t worry!” “But I do worry!” Zara whispered to the unspoken reassurance. At that moment, they entered the initiation grounds in the middle of the forest. Zara could hardly see the depth of the round clearing surrounded by a wall of soil where usually the whole tribe would gather.
Her mother sat in the middle a little fire lighting up her face. Alem stood lightly behind her, and Wild woman walked to the other side of Shallaya. Zara could feel a light breeze caressing her face. Above her, she sensed a clear sky full of stars but she only had eyes for the cat that had come forward sitting in Front of her mother, who stroked its head.
Zara’s eyes widened.
Wild Woman started to sing the initiation chant to which Zara was supposed to dance. “I haven’t even practised my dance!” Zara though in sudden horror just to stare again at the cat in front of her. The guide stood up elegantly and walked around her in a spiral movement. As if guided by the cat Zara felt the urge to sway to Wild Woman’s chanting.
She slowly started. Swaying from left to right her eyes following the cat as soon as it came into her focus. When it left she just looked at Wild Woman, who’s face seemed to have changed into a wolf’s. Strangely, her chanting did not change at all.
Zara was taken away by the melody when she suddenly fell on her knees. Her mother stood up. She had an earthen cup in her hands. Shallaya carefully carried it towards her daughter. She knelt in front of Zara and put the cup to the girl’s mouth. Zara took a sip and shuddered. Her mother urged her to drink more. Zara felt resistance, but the cat came into focus behind her mother purrying calmingly. Zara took a deep breath and drank all of the bitter tasting liquid.
As soon as it was down she felt light, and her head started swimming a little. She sat up and swirled her head like it was a spoon stirring a cup. Then she fell….
Zara opened her eyes. It was dark, and there was only the sound of a cat behind her. She sat up and felt nauseous. The cat came to her side rubbing its head at Zara’s shoulder. “I wasn’t prepared for this!” she informed the cat. The cats purr sounded like a giggle:” No one is prepared for an initiation” it answered. “So what are all those practises for then?” Zara asked suspiciously. “To give you a feeling like you are prepared. In reality, though no one is prepared to enter the spirit realm for the first time. It is different for everyone.” The cat whispered now.
A little away she heard men talking…



500 Words ~ Day 6

I’m huddled on our sofa with a hot water bottle on my back. My hot water bottle is a hottie (Christmas present from the best husband in the world), and I just love its warmth on my back. A cup of tea beside me on the table and outside the most beautiful evening sky possible. The stars are just coming out, but the sun’s last greeting is visible in unbelievable hues of orange, yellow and red.

I’ve just worked 6 hours today and had a long chat and an excellent meal with the husband who is already in bed. He works nights right now and has to get up at 1am. “Terrific!” I though “Gives me lots of time to write my 500 words today” At 253 I gave up though. I got tired as hell (I got up at 4am after all) and you just get tired after a while when eating a big meal. And I wanted something sweet. Desperately.

Now one of my New Years Resolutions beside the 500 words is to cut down on the sugar. Well, the refined sugar in sweets and cookies. It felt a little like everything turned against me at that moment. “I can’t make it.” I thought.

Well, I got up and brewed myself another cup of tea and grabbed the nuts (;-)). Yes, I love nuts, and they are a brilliant energy source. That is my substitute for the sugar for today. It seems to work because I am not so tired anymore, and I think I might as well go back to today’s Word document and finish the rest of my 500 words…

evening sky

500 Words ~ Day 4 & 5

Hi there, fellow writers and dear readers!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week has started creatively and calm. I’m a bit out of sorts because I am usually off the day job on a Monday but as my co-worker is on holiday, my shifts have changed. Never the less I have written a little today (184 words) and astonishingly a lot yesterday (334) even though I had a full shift.

I work part time 30 hours per week in a supermarket, but my shifts aren’t set. They are flexible which makes it a little difficult to get a writing routine worked out. It does not matter though. I once read a blog post by a blogger who used to work as a teacher. He explained that he wrote anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Even in a 5 min break at work.

That I have taken to heart for 2015. Yes, I have signed up for Jeff Goins “My 500 Words” challenge and managing that would be great. However, my more achievable goal is to write every day even if it is only 100 words. I firmly believe that the writing is the important thing not how many words I have managed.

And I invite you to do same. Just go for it!

500 Words Day 3 combined with Just Jot It January Day 3

Good grief today I am struggling.

No, not with writing 500 words. It’s my day off, and I have written many more than 500. Three blog posts for two different blogs and now this one. I would say so far I am at 1600 words. But it’s getting late, and I so wanted to write more of Zara. I wanted to add the missing words from the last two days which would mean I had planned to write another 1000 words.

That’s not gonna happen. Never mind.

Neither will I write my “Just Jot It January” post on my other blog. Oh, you guys don’t know yet what JusJoJan is? That’s the other challenge I take part in in January. The brilliant Linda at Life in Progress has invented it last year, and it means just to jot down something anywhere. Doesn’t matter if you post it or not. Just have fun with jotting things down. That’s cool. I jot here how I am doing with Zara and will pop over to my Zara Word document for today to get a few more words down.

I figured if I write even only 250 words on Zara every day in 2015 then I will end up with 91250 words all in all, and that seems enough for my fantasy story. So let’s just get on with it and get the other 250 word written….

Just Jot It January

photo credit Linda G Hill

Feel free to visit Linda’s “Just Jot It January” and take part. You will find the rules and ping-backs here

500 Words ~ Day 2

My second day and I actually have written some more during my break at work. 277 words as it happens, and I have decided to leave it at that. As I wrote yesterday, I believe that it does not matter so much how many words you write it matters, that you write.

Not sure if you had a look at the latest version on my blog. If not here a little overview:

Zara, a young girl in a tribal society loses her father to a mysterious attack. He has been out to meet another tribe to set the groundwork for cooperation against an evil force which is about to get access to their reality. Zara is supposed to have her initiation soon where she is meant to meet her spirit guide, but it looks like that guide has contacted her already. It was predicted that her life would be different than her ancestors, but neither her mentor not her mother knows exactly what that means. A long lost member of Zara’s tribe comes back on the day of her father’s funeral, and he has proof that the evil force is not only a children’s tale…

I have posted about 30 posts with the first draft but feel the need now to look at those old posts again. I want to see if I have lost myself a little in my story and where to go from here. For now, I am stuck at a meeting where Zara’s mother has cast out a member of the elder council who leads the tribe. She seems to work against the tribe. All of them need to vote for a new member, but it’s not clear if the council should stay as it were or if they should decide to found an emergency council to face the threat.

I try to do both simultaneously and will keep you updated on how it works.

Just in case you are interested what my latest version looks like:

Here is the link to the archive of the posts with ZARA

Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers, new followers and 2015!

I am back!

I know, I know I have said it many times and still Zara is not finished but 2015 is the year!

I will finish Zara. That’s a challenge :-).

But that is not the only challenge.

The other challenge is given by Jeff Goins: Write 500 words per day for 31 Days.

THAT is the perfect help to get Zara going again.

And hey guys I will keep you updated with my progress on this blog.

Up to now I have tried to write Zara for my main blog “The Bee Is Writing…” but I take it it is time to hide the story and just get on with it.

And so I have. 265 Words for today as I am really tired and I believe the point is not so much how many words written but that I have written at all. So, I leave it at that for now.

Just in case you are interested what my latest version looks like: Here is the link ZARA

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wonky sea