My 500 Words ~ Day 22 ~ Getting into the mood



Today I was a bit in a hurry:

I have to work this afternoon, but a little housework needed doing. It’s also my husband’s day off so of course we spent some time together. Still I wanted to get my 500 words of the Zara fantasy novel in and after I sorted most of the other things I sat down and started.

You have probably heard the advice to close down all the tabs in your browser and just have your writing tab open. I suspect that is great advice because I always feel tempted to look what’s going on on Twitter, find a new song to play or answer emails instead of writing.

On top of that there is always that little niggling voice in the back of my mind that tells me that I am not good enough for this and that it won’t get anywhere. I feel that that voice is much more distracting than any music or tab open in a browser could ever be.

Within those 22 days of writing my 500 words I have developed a certain mindset though to just get on with it: I remind myself that this is just a first draft and that I can work on it once I finished it. It has helped a lot to realise that most writers do several drafts of their novels until they are ready for publishing.

I started laughing a little about myself for believing I had to write it directly in the perfect way. I did that because it does not feel logic that writing unlike anything else can be perfect on the first try. It is so relaxing and motivating to just get the words down and then work the whole lot over.

Every writer is different though. The Snowflake Guy, for example, has everything planned out and then works with it. I like that approach. It does not work for me though. I like to go along my writing like a would go a long an adventure. Do one step at a time and then see what’s around the corner. Then deal with it!

I suspect my author interviews on “The Bee Writes…” have helped me to realise that every writer does it in a different way and all ways lead to results. One just needs to be courageous enough to do it their way.

In this sense: Happy writing to you all!

My 500 Words ~ Day 21 ~ Writing in Cycles

Never mind the pun!

Never mind the pun πŸ˜‰
Photo credit: Tevjan Pettinger via Flickr

Do you feel your writing goes in cycles?

I do. Looking at yesterday’s and today’s word count and comparing it to last weeks, it’s a question of extremes: Hardly anything last week and more than 800 on both days this week.

To be honest, I used to be quite upset about that. Well, about those times when I could not write. Struggling with it for all of my writing life I have come to the conclusion though that there is no point in fighting it. It’s how it is, and it often feels like my creative mind needs a little break now and then when it can do what it wants. Like hoovering, dusting or playing on the PlayStation. Yes, I admit I do some reading as well which seems to be beneficial (“Oh, really?!” you think πŸ˜‰ ) however I do no writing.

I have also come to the conclusion that one day or one week of not writing does not make that much a difference unless you have a deadline to deal with. But even then you can manage because once the pressure gets high enough you get on with it anyway.

And it’s funny since I do not worry about it anymore and do not feel like I have to follow a certain “rule” of writing it goes much easier. I still doubt myself though: I still think “Oh, how long will that last? I’m writing this story for 20 years I won’t start being properly productive now, will I?”

My nearly daily writing though proves me wrong. And I am grateful for that!

Happy writing to you all!

My 500 Words ~ Day 19 ~ Today I got over myself

Letheringsett Mill

Letheringsett Watermill, Norfolk, UK

Yes, true!

Today I just got over myself. I don’t like Mondays. Usually, I can bear them when I have my day off, and no one is around in the morning. With my 3-7 mugs of tea and some meditation I can manage to get myself into the mood to deal with another week of customers not seeing products even though they are directly in front of their noses and motorists who think everybody is on holiday and wants to drive along the main road with 25mph.

Unfortunately, I am not that lucky anymore. As I work for one of the four big supermarkets in Great Britain which has to deal with the competition of Lidl and Aldi our hours are cut and my colleague who used to do Monday mornings was transferred to another department. The only other one who could do Monday mornings is on holiday, so I had to step in.

Well, I admit I am drama queening a little (and yes I know this word probably does not exist). I only worked 5 hours and could go for a ride to Letheringsett Mill at 11 am to get some more flour and then went home for a spicy cup of coffee with lots of cocoa in it.

You see, it was not THAT bad it was just different, and it needs a little adjusting for me. After the cup of coffee and a little hop around on Twitter and Facebook, I actually managed to write 526 words. Happy writing to you all!

My 500 Words ~ Day 17 ~ F… it!

Sorry for my language. I had a bottle of cider and a glass of wine and I have shed all restrains. My glorious 688 words were not saved on Thursday. When I opened the document today it only gave me 288….. Can you imagine why I drank alcohol instead of tea (not very British I admit but I am after all an immigrant! πŸ˜‰ ).

So I wrote the scene again. I have say though that this version is much better than Thursdays. Maybe it was the wine and the cider…. wordcount today: 570 and properly saved! πŸ™‚

evil grin

evil grin

My 500 Words ~ Day 16 ~ Am Back

Looks like I was not only side-tracked a little. It’s been a week since I have last written anything for “Zara”. I can reveal though that “Opinionated Man” is back on track without any restrictions to his activity. That’s a great success and shows how much power a community can wield even against big companies. Besides that, I have read two books for book reviews and had some tough days at the day job.

Well, this is not meant as an excuse: I had decided to not write in these times because I do need to keep my energy in balance and I realised that to concentrate on my novel as well would get me burned out and I did not want that. Just to concentrate on reading was quite cool though :-).

Today I have a late shift and took the time when the hubby was at work to get back into writing. I had not planned to stop for a week. It was only supposed to be for two day or so but as life goes of course it got a lot longer. However, it seems like my creative brain needed that break. When I stopped last Thursday, I did not exactly know how everything would go on. Ciar had left the Tribe’s camp to stay with his fiance at the River People, but I realised I had not created any of them. The River People I mean. I always got blocked when it came to that part.

Today though my writing flowed like a great old stream, and I managed to write 688 words. Me likey lol.

Over the past week, my subconsciousness found its way towards the River Peoples camp and I will go and create them. I already had created some of them but lost them over my latest one-year break. Never mind.

I am on the right track now. And you? How is your writing going?

Happisburgh Lighthouse UK

Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK Lighthouse

500 Words ~ Day 15 ~ A Little Sidetracked

Today I was a little side-tracked by WordPresses decision to shut down HarsH ReaLiTy a blog which is immensely successful and has lots of followers. Jason who owns the blog is incredibly helpful to other bloggers and offers oportunities to guest blog for him but apparently all that made his blog look like a spammer.

There is a campaign going to save the blog and if you are interested please read “Save HarsH ReaLiTy” on Linda G. Hills blog.

I also pre-wrote several posts for “The Bee Writes…” So even if I only wrote 274 words for “Zara” I wrote many more as a whole. Roundabout 2500 if I would guess….

500 Words ~ Day 14 ~ happy procrastinating

unhappy writer

an unhappy writer
is a bad writer!

NO, NO I have been writing my 500 words today. 517 actually and started a new scene where I follow Cara, who is in league with the bad boys. Well, first her son who starts to wonder who his mother really is. But it was a bit of a struggle. Got distracted by Twitter, FB, my ladies writing group in Yahoo, the washing…. Ah, you get the gist.

But today is my day off, and I actually don’t mind a little distraction. Yes, I could have written lots more but if I just write I feel like I am out of balance. I need to get my head off writing and day job a little now and then. Besides there are other things to take care of as a writer: meeting other writers, networking, research and just getting inspiration.

Those times when I procrastinate I often get the best ideas or find great links and pages that help my writing along. Therefore, I have started to give up the guilt. Guilt makes the whole thing worse because I feel bad and when I feel bad I am a bad writer….

Therefore “happy procrastinating” to you all!

500 Words ~ Day 13 ~ Oh dear!

Oh dear, I am losing my motivation…. have already translated a post to help a little girl survive and wrote a post on Fooling Around With Bee. I am tired (got up at 4am) and I have to go to work later on in the day….

I better rush and get those 500 words written!

(my reward of homemade flapjacks might help ;-))



I actually wrote: 554 words

And these flapjacks are great….. πŸ˜‰