This is a never-ending story I guess. I had the idea for a fantasy story some 20 years ago. 4 versions, several internet pages and blogs later I have given up and decided to stay with the shorter forms of poems and blog posts. But in October 2012 I stumbled again over the National Novel Writing Month and something told me to take part with another idea for a novel. And so the story goes on….

My day job is selling chicken in a supermarket, I love my family and to read (of course 🙂 ) besides writing as well as Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and a good deal of spirituality.

Well, I work on my self and against the writer’s block and will figure out how to end the story.  Would you like to accompany me?

Oh is there more about me, myself and I????

Right this is my list about creating a character ~ this is how I am, I was and I will be created:

Name: Bee Halton

Age: Today 42

Place of birth: A little village in the south of Germany

Residence: Beautiful Norfolk UK

Occupation: Shop Assistant and writer-wanna-be

Appearance: ginger

Dress: NEVER!!! I prefer trousers

Strengths: determined, caring, spiritual,

Weakness: self-doubting, worrier, stubborn, loner,

Obsessions: Chocolate & books

Ambition: Finish that novel and earn money with writing

Work habits: keep it clean and organised

Hobbies: reading, blogs, poetry, gardening,

Illness: inflamed sinuses, broken leg at 12, regular colds, back pain,….

Family: partner and two children

Parents: mum passed away 1983, no contact with father

Kids: two step-children

Siblings: brother ~ no contact

Friends: many

Pets: none right now

Politics: None of your business

Tics: forgetting mobile and keys

Diet: vegetarian (pescetarian to be exact)

Drugs: chocolate and green tea

Erotic history: excuse me????????!

Favorite books, movies,music: Lord of the Rings, Antonia’s Line, 3 Doors down

Desires: Chocolate (are there any others????)

Fears: not being protected, spiders, heights, tight places,

Most traumatic event: childhood sexual abuse and death of my mother

Most wonderful experience: meeting the best future husband of the world

The major struggle, past and present? surviving abuse, bullying and healing from it, keep writing

Guess you might have a bit of an image now :-)!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Zara is an interesting name. What is the inspiration for it? Love the NaNo widgets…did they come from the site and do they keep track of your progress automatically? I think I want one!

    • I always had that idea of writing a fantasy story like The Lord of the Rings just with mainly heroines instead of heroes. But even though I started writing it on this blog I got blocked constantly so I gave up but kept the name. Zara was the main character.

      Yes the widgets are on the NaNoWriMo page but I can not remember where. Just go there and search around probably somewhere in the fun department 🙂 Good luck to your NaNo

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