My 500 Words ~ Day 22 ~ Getting into the mood



Today I was a bit in a hurry:

I have to work this afternoon, but a little housework needed doing. It’s also my husband’s day off so of course we spent some time together. Still I wanted to get my 500 words of the Zara fantasy novel in and after I sorted most of the other things I sat down and started.

You have probably heard the advice to close down all the tabs in your browser and just have your writing tab open. I suspect that is great advice because I always feel tempted to look what’s going on on Twitter, find a new song to play or answer emails instead of writing.

On top of that there is always that little niggling voice in the back of my mind that tells me that I am not good enough for this and that it won’t get anywhere. I feel that that voice is much more distracting than any music or tab open in a browser could ever be.

Within those 22 days of writing my 500 words I have developed a certain mindset though to just get on with it: I remind myself that this is just a first draft and that I can work on it once I finished it. It has helped a lot to realise that most writers do several drafts of their novels until they are ready for publishing.

I started laughing a little about myself for believing I had to write it directly in the perfect way. I did that because it does not feel logic that writing unlike anything else can be perfect on the first try. It is so relaxing and motivating to just get the words down and then work the whole lot over.

Every writer is different though. The Snowflake Guy, for example, has everything planned out and then works with it. I like that approach. It does not work for me though. I like to go along my writing like a would go a long an adventure. Do one step at a time and then see what’s around the corner. Then deal with it!

I suspect my author interviews on “The Bee Writes…” have helped me to realise that every writer does it in a different way and all ways lead to results. One just needs to be courageous enough to do it their way.

In this sense: Happy writing to you all!


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