My 500 Words ~ Day 21 ~ Writing in Cycles

Never mind the pun!

Never mind the pun 😉
Photo credit: Tevjan Pettinger via Flickr

Do you feel your writing goes in cycles?

I do. Looking at yesterday’s and today’s word count and comparing it to last weeks, it’s a question of extremes: Hardly anything last week and more than 800 on both days this week.

To be honest, I used to be quite upset about that. Well, about those times when I could not write. Struggling with it for all of my writing life I have come to the conclusion though that there is no point in fighting it. It’s how it is, and it often feels like my creative mind needs a little break now and then when it can do what it wants. Like hoovering, dusting or playing on the PlayStation. Yes, I admit I do some reading as well which seems to be beneficial (“Oh, really?!” you think 😉 ) however I do no writing.

I have also come to the conclusion that one day or one week of not writing does not make that much a difference unless you have a deadline to deal with. But even then you can manage because once the pressure gets high enough you get on with it anyway.

And it’s funny since I do not worry about it anymore and do not feel like I have to follow a certain “rule” of writing it goes much easier. I still doubt myself though: I still think “Oh, how long will that last? I’m writing this story for 20 years I won’t start being properly productive now, will I?”

My nearly daily writing though proves me wrong. And I am grateful for that!

Happy writing to you all!


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