My 500 Words ~ Day 19 ~ Today I got over myself

Letheringsett Mill

Letheringsett Watermill, Norfolk, UK

Yes, true!

Today I just got over myself. I don’t like Mondays. Usually, I can bear them when I have my day off, and no one is around in the morning. With my 3-7 mugs of tea and some meditation I can manage to get myself into the mood to deal with another week of customers not seeing products even though they are directly in front of their noses and motorists who think everybody is on holiday and wants to drive along the main road with 25mph.

Unfortunately, I am not that lucky anymore. As I work for one of the four big supermarkets in Great Britain which has to deal with the competition of Lidl and Aldi our hours are cut and my colleague who used to do Monday mornings was transferred to another department. The only other one who could do Monday mornings is on holiday, so I had to step in.

Well, I admit I am drama queening a little (and yes I know this word probably does not exist). I only worked 5 hours and could go for a ride to Letheringsett Mill at 11 am to get some more flour and then went home for a spicy cup of coffee with lots of cocoa in it.

You see, it was not THAT bad it was just different, and it needs a little adjusting for me. After the cup of coffee and a little hop around on Twitter and Facebook, I actually managed to write 526 words. Happy writing to you all!


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