My 500 Words ~ Day 16 ~ Am Back

Looks like I was not only side-tracked a little. It’s been a week since I have last written anything for “Zara”. I can reveal though that “Opinionated Man” is back on track without any restrictions to his activity. That’s a great success and shows how much power a community can wield even against big companies. Besides that, I have read two books for book reviews and had some tough days at the day job.

Well, this is not meant as an excuse: I had decided to not write in these times because I do need to keep my energy in balance and I realised that to concentrate on my novel as well would get me burned out and I did not want that. Just to concentrate on reading was quite cool though :-).

Today I have a late shift and took the time when the hubby was at work to get back into writing. I had not planned to stop for a week. It was only supposed to be for two day or so but as life goes of course it got a lot longer. However, it seems like my creative brain needed that break. When I stopped last Thursday, I did not exactly know how everything would go on. Ciar had left the Tribe’s camp to stay with his fiance at the River People, but I realised I had not created any of them. The River People I mean. I always got blocked when it came to that part.

Today though my writing flowed like a great old stream, and I managed to write 688 words. Me likey lol.

Over the past week, my subconsciousness found its way towards the River Peoples camp and I will go and create them. I already had created some of them but lost them over my latest one-year break. Never mind.

I am on the right track now. And you? How is your writing going?

Happisburgh Lighthouse UK

Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK Lighthouse


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