500 Words ~ Day 14 ~ happy procrastinating

unhappy writer

an unhappy writer
is a bad writer!

NO, NO I have been writing my 500 words today. 517 actually and started a new scene where I follow Cara, who is in league with the bad boys. Well, first her son who starts to wonder who his mother really is. But it was a bit of a struggle. Got distracted by Twitter, FB, my ladies writing group in Yahoo, the washing…. Ah, you get the gist.

But today is my day off, and I actually don’t mind a little distraction. Yes, I could have written lots more but if I just write I feel like I am out of balance. I need to get my head off writing and day job a little now and then. Besides there are other things to take care of as a writer: meeting other writers, networking, research and just getting inspiration.

Those times when I procrastinate I often get the best ideas or find great links and pages that help my writing along. Therefore, I have started to give up the guilt. Guilt makes the whole thing worse because I feel bad and when I feel bad I am a bad writer….

Therefore “happy procrastinating” to you all!


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