500 words ~ Day 11

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you think there is a moment when suddenly all writer’s blockages breaks down and you just get on and on writing?

Today I hit a record: Zara ~ first draft 603 words!

I don’t even need to push myself to sit down and do the writing. I just sit there and start. Well, I do have to have a look what I wrote the day before but then I just get on with it and dear me that is fun. Not quite sure where that story goes: Today the Mork’s patrol which infiltrated Zara’s reality found them. Her and her tribe. And these horrible creatures are quite hungry. Well, you get the gist. Of course, the tribe got away but I don’t tell you how. That would be cheating lol.

Interesting though that the creative process suddenly got independent from my planning or scheduling. It just hops along and makes the story exciting. I know of course, that I have to edit and bring everything in some readable order later on but right now it is just fun to see what will emerge.

If you have trouble with writing like this I suggest try out Linda G. Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday or the writing prompt “Lean against… and listen“. Happy Writing!


2 thoughts on “500 words ~ Day 11

    • Thank you very much. I believe what my writing buddy Cheryl says: Things in motion stay in motion! (http://cherylfassett.com/2014/08/28/learning-to-juggle/) It is just a question to keep going and even if it is just one sentence a day…. (as you can see I also believe in Micro Habits 🙂 ). Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement! And I am off to do todays 500 words 🙂

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