500 Words ~ Day 10

Je suis Charlie

photo credit: Mike Licht
via Flickr

Something amazing happened today:

For the first time, I felt like writing could be my calling. It felt like: “Yes, I am a writer!” Not a blogger. Or a poetess. Or a hobby writer but simply a writer. I like that feeling. I also realise that it takes so much pressure of yourself when you realise you write a first draft in the beginning, and you can just let your imagination work its wonders. Nothing to do just let it flow. Maybe my Stream of Consciousness writing with “Lean against … and listen” and Linda’s SoCS has taken away a blockage that has stopped me from bringing all those stories to you that are hiding in my subconsciousness. That would be cool!

As for Zara: 513 words today and it looks like there is a romance in the making. I had not planned that. Of course, there was Ciar who secretly was in love with Zara but that was never going to work out. I knew that much. Two days ago though Flor appeared on the scene a young friend of her father’s who protected her when she woke up from a vision in the River People’s land. And his green eyes had a deep impact on our young girl.

Let’s see where that one leads us….


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