500 Words ~ Day 6

I’m huddled on our sofa with a hot water bottle on my back. My hot water bottle is a hottie (Christmas present from the best husband in the world), and I just love its warmth on my back. A cup of tea beside me on the table and outside the most beautiful evening sky possible. The stars are just coming out, but the sun’s last greeting is visible in unbelievable hues of orange, yellow and red.

I’ve just worked 6 hours today and had a long chat and an excellent meal with the husband who is already in bed. He works nights right now and has to get up at 1am. “Terrific!” I though “Gives me lots of time to write my 500 words today” At 253 I gave up though. I got tired as hell (I got up at 4am after all) and you just get tired after a while when eating a big meal. And I wanted something sweet. Desperately.

Now one of my New Years Resolutions beside the 500 words is to cut down on the sugar. Well, the refined sugar in sweets and cookies. It felt a little like everything turned against me at that moment. “I can’t make it.” I thought.

Well, I got up and brewed myself another cup of tea and grabbed the nuts (;-)). Yes, I love nuts, and they are a brilliant energy source. That is my substitute for the sugar for today. It seems to work because I am not so tired anymore, and I think I might as well go back to today’s Word document and finish the rest of my 500 words…

evening sky


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