500 Words ~ Day 4 & 5

Hi there, fellow writers and dear readers!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week has started creatively and calm. I’m a bit out of sorts because I am usually off the day job on a Monday but as my co-worker is on holiday, my shifts have changed. Never the less I have written a little today (184 words) and astonishingly a lot yesterday (334) even though I had a full shift.

I work part time 30 hours per week in a supermarket, but my shifts aren’t set. They are flexible which makes it a little difficult to get a writing routine worked out. It does not matter though. I once read a blog post by a blogger who used to work as a teacher. He explained that he wrote anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Even in a 5 min break at work.

That I have taken to heart for 2015. Yes, I have signed up for Jeff Goins “My 500 Words” challenge and managing that would be great. However, my more achievable goal is to write every day even if it is only 100 words. I firmly believe that the writing is the important thing not how many words I have managed.

And I invite you to do same. Just go for it!


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