500 Words Day 3 combined with Just Jot It January Day 3

Good grief today I am struggling.

No, not with writing 500 words. It’s my day off, and I have written many more than 500. Three blog posts for two different blogs and now this one. I would say so far I am at 1600 words. But it’s getting late, and I so wanted to write more of Zara. I wanted to add the missing words from the last two days which would mean I had planned to write another 1000 words.

That’s not gonna happen. Never mind.

Neither will I write my “Just Jot It January” post on my other blog. Oh, you guys don’t know yet what JusJoJan is? That’s the other challenge I take part in in January. The brilliant Linda at Life in Progress has invented it last year, and it means just to jot down something anywhere. Doesn’t matter if you post it or not. Just have fun with jotting things down. That’s cool. I jot here how I am doing with Zara and will pop over to my Zara Word document for today to get a few more words down.

I figured if I write even only 250 words on Zara every day in 2015 then I will end up with 91250 words all in all, and that seems enough for my fantasy story. So let’s just get on with it and get the other 250 word written….

Just Jot It January

photo credit Linda G Hill

Feel free to visit Linda’s “Just Jot It January” and take part. You will find the rules and ping-backs here


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