500 Words ~ Day 2

My second day and I actually have written some more during my break at work. 277 words as it happens, and I have decided to leave it at that. As I wrote yesterday, I believe that it does not matter so much how many words you write it matters, that you write.

Not sure if you had a look at the latest version on my blog. If not here a little overview:

Zara, a young girl in a tribal society loses her father to a mysterious attack. He has been out to meet another tribe to set the groundwork for cooperation against an evil force which is about to get access to their reality. Zara is supposed to have her initiation soon where she is meant to meet her spirit guide, but it looks like that guide has contacted her already. It was predicted that her life would be different than her ancestors, but neither her mentor not her mother knows exactly what that means. A long lost member of Zara’s tribe comes back on the day of her father’s funeral, and he has proof that the evil force is not only a children’s tale…

I have posted about 30 posts with the first draft but feel the need now to look at those old posts again. I want to see if I have lost myself a little in my story and where to go from here. For now, I am stuck at a meeting where Zara’s mother has cast out a member of the elder council who leads the tribe. She seems to work against the tribe. All of them need to vote for a new member, but it’s not clear if the council should stay as it were or if they should decide to found an emergency council to face the threat.

I try to do both simultaneously and will keep you updated on how it works.

Just in case you are interested what my latest version looks like:

Here is the link to the archive of the posts with ZARA


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