Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers, new followers and 2015!

I am back!

I know, I know I have said it many times and still Zara is not finished but 2015 is the year!

I will finish Zara. That’s a challenge :-).

But that is not the only challenge.

The other challenge is given by Jeff Goins: Write 500 words per day for 31 Days.

THAT is the perfect help to get Zara going again.

And hey guys I will keep you updated with my progress on this blog.

Up to now I have tried to write Zara for my main blog “The Bee Is Writing…” but I take it it is time to hide the story and just get on with it.

And so I have. 265 Words for today as I am really tired and I believe the point is not so much how many words written but that I have written at all. So, I leave it at that for now.

Just in case you are interested what my latest version looks like: Here is the link ZARA

wonky sea

wonky sea


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