Thinking about limits….

…. on my other blog

“Good morning writers, how are you? How is your writing going since last Monday? I hope all is well with your words and dreams :-).


Ever thought about them? Ever thought about yours?

Maybe it is an age thing. You hit 40, and suddenly your tasks just do not get so easy as they used to. You tire a little easier, and your bones start aching. In general your body starts showing you your limits.

We live in a society where limits are not “hip” or “up to date”. We are used to need everything and get everything. But reality is: We can’t!

Especially if you are a writer but still need a day job to pay your bills. And that is usually not all. There is your family and friends and maybe a hobby or two. There is only so much you can do though and if you do not heed your limits your body or your soul (or psyche if you prefer) will make them pretty clear to you……” Please read more at The River is flowing… Good morning writers!



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