Where is Zara going?

So far I have introduced Zara who is the daughter of the Tribes leader Shallaya. Her father was on a mission to the River People but came back badly insured. Her brothers had a very brief entrance so I will have to introduce them in more detail but that must wait a little. There is also Wild Woman the shaman of the Tribe. An important advisor both to Zara and Shallaya.

Here is a little of yesterdays post:

“Zara stood on top of Blue Mountain. 
She looked over the vast valley of The River. She was staring at the places where she thought the River People lived. Zara kept her mouth tightly shut and breathed hard. 
She remembered how her grieve over her fathers had subsided a little and that tightness had started in her stomach. Without any warning, she stood up and stumbled behind the fire to their sitting area and hit and hit and hit the cushions. Both her brothers had to grab her arms from both sides and hold her down for minutes before she came to herself and cried again.
Her mother just sat at her fathers head rocking to and fro. They could not hear a sound but shocks of tremors ran through her body. Wild Woman had left the yurt to prepare the tribe for the burial of the leaders husband. 
“I will find them!” Zara hissed. “I will find every single one of them! No matter where you are bastards. I’ll get you!” She screamed those last words on top of her lungs….”
Please read more at “The River is flowing…. Zara (XIV)

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