The River is flowing….. Zara (XIII)

Things are flowing in my writing life. I have started reading Linda Formichelli’s “Write your way out of the rat race” and try to figure out how to make a little more of my writing. At the beginning of the year I have managed to get Google Adds on “The River is flowing” and am concentrating right now to produce good blog posts and to find a way to combine the day job with my writing. And of course my nearly life-long love “Zara” is still close to my heart and it looks like I am actually getting somewhere with it. Well, I killed of my first character :-(…..

Here you can find how she’ll get on Zara (XIII)

sky over Banningham


2 thoughts on “The River is flowing….. Zara (XIII)

    • Thanks very much ~ yes it is I have never done that before ~ a real experience. I have stopped the g+ comments on my blogger blog so maybe you can comment now with your wordpress profile or the twitter one. I hope that works. Take care Bee

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