The River Is Flowing…. ~ Good morning writers ~ routines

A little bit on routines and how they help to be productive on my blog “The River is flowing…”

“How are you today? How has your writing been in the last 7 days? Are you feeling satisfied with your writing or are you frustrated? I hope that it is rather satisfied and motivated than frustrated. 
This morning I wanted to read a blog post about “routines” but, unfortunately, our internet played up, and I could not get to it and now I can’t remember where I found it. Never mind.
But it got me thinking about routines and how they help to be productive. I have certain things that get me into the mood of writing:…”
sunset over Norfolk, UK

2 thoughts on “The River Is Flowing…. ~ Good morning writers ~ routines

  1. Hello, my friend.
    I will comment here saw google+ doesn’t seem to love me enough to let me in. 🙂
    My routine has been in a shambles for the last six to eitpght months and it shows on my inconsistent blog posts and my lack of progress on revisions and publishing research. BUT that having been said, I aim to change all that. 🙂 common sense yes but committing to common sense of a set blogging or writing schedule isn’t always that easy to do. I am holing to get a schedule down that my day job doesn’t interfere with. Here’s to more words on the page in 2014!!!

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for commenting here. I know google and wordpress do not seem to work together very well as I have problems to comment on your blog with my google identity. Twitter has to help out :-).
      Yes I think it is a special problem for writers with day jobs to get a working routine down. Especially if you work shifts. But the best thing is to try different ways and just start again once the a routine is broken. I am so glad you are back. Love your blog. Take care Bee

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