The River is flowing ~ Zara (XII)

A little more of the story that gave this blog its name. But I post it on my new blog “The River is flowing

“…Zara and Shallaya reached their family yurt. They could hear Wild Woman intone her healing songs and the clinking of pots and dishes. Wild Woman did not look up when Zara and Shallaya entered the tent.

Zara gasped when she saw her father’s pale face which seemed to have shrunk to half its normal size. His usually well shaven face showed stubble here and there.  Again she had to steady her mother but both did not say a word just sat down one at the head, one at the feet of the injured man. He laid on his bear coat close to the fire in the middle of the tent like structure. A few pots, earthen cups and plates, stood on a wooden stool on the other side of the fire. Beside it, some bright red cushions form a sitting area and closer to the fire more bear coats with woven blankets on them.

Zara spotted dried blood all over her fathers muscular body when Wild Woman took off his clothes to start her healing ritual. His breathing was shallow but still there. Her mother started intoning the shaman supporting melodies while she was rocking gently. Zara fell in immediately…..”

Please read the rest at “The River is flowing ~ Zara (XII)


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