The River is flowing ~ Morsmart (13)

Here a little more of my sci-fi serial which I am posting on my other blog. You can find the first version here: Morsmart at the end of the Galaxy but I am editing it for the other blog and will go on writing it as well. Oh I am excited :-):

“… “Proper procedure?” Rowan asked Sadit. Sadit just grinned: ” Every two hours we have to clean the entrance as this is the first impression the store makes. You should think that Avatars can not make any dirt, but there is. Even though I have a feeling that there are people employed to make it dirty just to keep us in work.”

Rowan looked at him questioningly:” You think that?” “Are you joking me? Of course, there are strange things going on here!” Rowan looked at Chan Juan standing on a little step cleaning the huge glass doors with the Morsmart green crescent on them. She started wiping from the top right working down to the bottom left slowly removing all finger and hand prints. “Just have a look at those doors” Sadit continued “Do Avatars have fingerprints?” “No of course not they are not real, just a projection” Rowan answered as if Sadit had asked the silliest question ever. “Exactly! But is that door clean? No! So where do you think the prints come from?” “I have no idea” Rowan answered….”

Please read more at The River is flowing


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