The River is flowing: Morsmart at the End of the Galaxy (12)

“And why did you first say, “not yet” if you knew I won’t anyway!” he nearly shouted at Sadit and Chan Juan. She took him by the arm and tried to make him walk towards the glass doors at the entrance hall: “We explain later!” she said.

Rowan did not move. “Cleaning instead of avatar construction! Restrainers, getting wet and no bonuses!?!?!” he thought and turned around ready to go. “What are you doing???!” Sadit grabbed Rowans other arm. The avatars around him started to look, and Blake, who just came out of the door to Mr. Getawa’s hallway, looked, as well.

“I am going somewhere to complain!” Rowan hissed. “Are you mad?!” Sadit’s face showed utter shock. “Blake sees us…..

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