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On Saturday on the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Readers Day I had the idea to start a reading group on Goodreads to support translated books and yesterday I just put my idea and plan to action. For now I have decided to have two monthly group reads. 1 will be the group read for the International Literature Reading Group at the Norfolk and Norwich Millenium Library and the other will go along the long list of the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2013. I have chosen the jury’s winner for next months read (The Detour by Gerbrand Bakker translated by David Colmer) and for July the readers choice winner (Trieste by Dasa Drndic translated by Ellen Elias-Bursac). June’s International Literature Reading Group’s read is Beside the Sea by Veronique Olmi translated by Adriana Hunter.

Please join and #supporttranslatedbooks

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down time

When I came back from work last Friday I realised I was terribly exhausted. Another laryngitis has raised its ugly head in my poor sore throat and work had been stressful at the least. I decided to let Saturday go its own way and plan nothing just concentrate on reading and sitting on the sofa with loads of cups of tea.

But well as it happens of course I had a sudden rush of initiative which lead me

1. to read many blogs and advertise for them on Twitter and Google+


2. to write a blog post on phoenixrisesagain even though I had promised myself to not blog at the weekend.

And now of course I had an idea for my Zara ~ a writing story – blog post and as not to forget I wrote it directly and scheduled it (I love WordPress).

One of the blog posts I read were from the lovely Cheryl  Fassett on Catching Fireflies where she pondered about the fact that we sometimes have such trouble to just give ourselves some down time to do whatever comes to mind.

Why is it that this “unsupervised and untethered” as she called it seemingly freaks us out so much? Isn’t it exactly what we are looking for in our busy lives and isn’t it what is good for us?

Who has told us it is a bad thing to relax?

Well of course our parents, teachers, professors, bosses ect even thought I think they do not do that so much nowadays but certainly in our childhoods if you are a 40 something. But haven’t we experienced enough that you can not go on forever being busy?

Or is it just that if we stopped for a moment and just sit, drink a cup of coffee or tea and just listen to music that we start thinking about our lives and realise what is not right in them? Is it maybe that our higher self or however you want to call it tries to tell us we have to change something and we are not ready to do so.

Or we are just too scared to get into action?

Well, I have changed a lot in the last 7 years of things that I have not been happy about in my life. Curiously I have started to relax a lot more since then and allow myself often enough time out just to play around a bit and enjoy life.  And curiously enough it had a pretty good impact on my creativity 🙂