not creative

Am still not feeling extremely creative.

Sometimes it is like that. I think Julia Cameron called it “Desert times” when you just can not be creative in your chosen art. But she also said something like: those times are needed and should be appreciated to do other things and other arts.

There is transformation at work. Underneath your conscience. Just let it happen. Go with the flow!





4 thoughts on “not creative

  1. The desert times can feel arid and dried up for a writer. Every time I think I don’t have one more creative idea in my head and I’m about ready to close up shop, a little niggling thought works its way into my mind and the next thing I know, I’m into a new story, glad I didn’t surrender to the dry spell. Good to have others who share the experience.

    • thanks for stopping by ~ I suspect every writer/artist has those times. It is just a question of how to deal with it. If you blame yourself you get nowhere if you chose them to nurture yourself it will be a well of inspiration

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