I wish I could draw…..

That is what I have often thought.

First time that happened when I started the fantasy story that gave this blog its name. I would have loved to be able to create my own characters and draw them for a book. I like this idea to do the whole thing on your own and I think today is a brilliant time for those who think like this.

But there is a deeper thought behind that: As someone who draws you have to be very observant to see the different shapes, shadows and nuances of an object to be able to capture it properly. I think writers have to be like that as well they just paint in words.

So a belated New Years Resolution of mine is to learn to draw. I already started by borrowing a book from the library called “Drawing Complete Question & Answer Handbook” by Trudy Friend. As far as I have read it I think it is for more advanced people who draw. But I just take out of it what seems helpful for me and then I just grab a pencil, a piece of paper and an object and start. I will see where it leads me :-).

English: Illustrations from What to draw and h...

English: Illustrations from What to draw and how to draw it by E. G. Lutz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3 thoughts on “I wish I could draw…..

  1. By even making the effort to learn, you’re worlds ahead of lots of others! A book I often referenced when teaching my beginner students in college was Betty Edwards’ classic ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’–it has exercises that aren’t too hard even for someone who’s never attempted to draw before, and because her focus is on how the brain works in visual activity, she offers insights into the process and possibilities that few others do.

    All of that aside, simply making marks on a surface is the beginning of drawing. Sometimes the least intimidating way to begin is to take a piece of paper, make some totally random marks on it, and then see where that takes you. Even if all it does is make you comfortable making the arm movements for a start, that’s helpful. If, as with most people, you look at it and think ‘that looks like . . . ‘ or ‘that doesn’t look quite right . . . ‘–well, then, you’re already making editorial decisions that can help you move toward drawing the way you want to draw.

    Good luck with your drawing, and most of all: have fun!


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