Do you journal?

To journal or not to journal that is the question!

I used to journal since I got my first at the age of nine. At first not every day but later in my twenties I was quite a frequent diary writer. In my mid thirties this changed again and I had no real idea why. Well I used to life with a man who had loads of trouble respecting privacy ……

When I was thinking about 2013 and what I want to achieve or change I remembered my journals and also the advice Julia Cameron gives in her “The artists way”! She says that journaling is a good way of leaving your troubles that stop you from being creative in there when writing them down but it is also brilliant way in developing your dreams and creative ideas.

It most certainly has helped me dealing with a lot of problems I was carrying with me from my childhood as well as jotting down ideas and when I look back a lot of things I was dreaming about and wrote down I have achieved now. That is a nice thought.

They say you go through a major change every 7 years. I am 42 now so there is another one on the go and I think journaling might help creating the change I want.

If you do not like to “properly” write meaning by hand and in a journal there are some pages which might be an alternative:




More ideas + review of online diaries are here

So what about you? Do you journal?


The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher C...

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


5 thoughts on “Do you journal?

  1. Thanks for the linkback to my site. The online journal that i have been using since 2010 is they send you an email daily / weekly and you reply back to it, i have it set to daily and when i reply back i include the secret address to my blog and it posts to that as well. So i have a private back up of each day, and a public one on my blog. has been working well for me for the past couple of years and i highly recommend it.

    Nicole Beltane

    • Hello Nicole you are welcome and thanks for your tip with the online journal. I have never heard of it but it sounds really good

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