New Years Resolutions

On Monday I told you a bit about my New Year’s Resolutions. Haven’t gone very far with them yet besides the reading which is a nice thing.

But well we always know there is a possibility we have taken on too much again. Well it is early in the year so I do not despair yet.

I was thinking a lot about them and when I came back to my photography group on the WANATribe I had an idea. I have started a monthly challenge in that group and when I searched for a theme for the January 2013 Challenge I just put it as “My New Years Resolution”.

Have you ever thought about using them creatively? Make collage out of it, draw them, paint them, take a photograph, write a blog post, write a poem about them….. anything is possible.

I have not beside the blog post of course. And I have to admit I really like that idea. Now my challenge is to take a photo of my New Years Resolution but I feel compelled to do some more with it.

So maybe I can motivate you to get creative with your New Years Resolutions and maybe you show them off to us here :-).




4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

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