hope ~ #MondayPrompt (#amwriting #poetry)

I tried to escape the bandwagon of “The end of the world is near and it is 21/12/12” but I did not succeed. Somehow my mind is occupied with it and therefore our #MondayPrompt has to suffer from it ~ sorry :-)!

Hope Arts Gallery, Hope, British Columbia.

Hope Arts Gallery, Hope, British Columbia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, my idea is not really of total chaos, earthquakes and asteroids crashing into our lovely planet. My interpretation is that our world has already changed enormously due to new scientific knowledge (quantum physics) which has changed our image of reality and world already as well as the technological developement in the last 20 years. I am a strong believer that we are all connected and that energy is the reason for it all. I believe that our hopes and thoughts are energy as well which have an enormous influence on what goes on in our reality. And therefore I believe if we concentrate on the advantages and good things that can happen in change we will create that good change! So join me in creating a positive change for us all in getting creative with my #MondayPrompt called”HOPE”!

So please let your dreams, hopes and wishes inspire you to write, verse, get creative in any form you like and if you want to: link your creation to this blog or post it in a comment here. Thanks!

I will post my #MondayPrompt poem on Saturday (if the world still exists that is of course 😉 )!

If you want to write to me: morgaine620(at)yahoo.de

Have fun!


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