What’s going on….

….. in my writing life.

No so much really. I am still getting used to my new blogging schedule which I really like but it is not in my mind yet so I have to look up what’s on every day.

I have published my first book with blurb which is a private one with pictures and I can not wait to see how it looks like. Last week I have decided to do my poetry books with them as they offer a shop where you can sell your books as well. I have not found out yet how it works as I first want to get the book done. Still chosing the poems and pictures. As a matter of fact I have not done anything on it. Well…. it’s Christmas Card writing time :-)!

I had quite a few ideas for short stories but forgot to write them down and so they are lost. What a shame ~ that’ll teach me ;-)!

Am really glad to be back in a bi-lingual schedule. Even though I was a bit fed up with it for some time I started to miss it a lot. Therefore some bi-lingual on Tuesdays.

Next week I am working one day more as it is Christmastime and customers go crazy with the shopping (how many turkeys does one really need????!) but I will pre-write most of my blog entries tomorrow and Saturday so I won’t fall behind.

Well that is about it. Hope you are ok and your writing goes well!




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