A #MondayPrompt about lost friends (#amwriting #poetry)

Will Dockery & friends

Will Dockery & friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Travelling always makes me creative ~ I do not know why. Maybe because you just sit and let the landscape roll by which makes your thoughts just jump around.

We went to see my husbands mother yesterday which is always a joyful and lovely experience. We have been travelling about 1 1/2 hours to see her and suddenly I had a surge of ideas for the #MondayPrompt which will last me until 2013! Brilliant!

Of course 21/12/12 is on our minds at times. This let me to think about people I have been close throughout my life and who have left my life. There are some who just slipped away for no special reason. Some have left in anger and some I have left in anger. I hope all of them are doing well and have found their happiness. I also hope they have forgiven me as I have forgiven them. After years you often just do not know anymore why things happen.

There are also friends who have left but do come back. With some I know even though I do not have any contact right now with them they will be back when the time is right.

So for week 10 ~ 16/12/12 the #MondayPrompt is

“Lost Friends”!

So please let the thoughts of your lost friends inspire you to write, verse, get creative in any form you like and if you want to link your creation to this blog or post it in a comment here. Thanks!

I will post my #MondayPrompt poem on Saturday!

If you want to write to me: morgaine620(at)yahoo.de

Have fun!




3 thoughts on “A #MondayPrompt about lost friends (#amwriting #poetry)

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