Have come a long way….

Image of Stephen Fry

Image of Stephen Fry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned before I had planned to self~publish a little poetry book this year. I will not manage this year unfortunately but have started to work on it. I will do that with blurb which I like very much as it gives you a lot of freedom to be creative. You can keep the book just for yourself or put it up in the blurb store and see if anyone is interested.

I have already chosen the book format but now have to chose the poems that should go into it. I have space for nine poems so I had a look into my poetry blog and wow have I written many poems! If you write along, you never realise how creative you have been. My work has gone a bit astray as I saw loads of flaws in my presentation of the poems in the blog which has changed when I changed the layout for it. So I go through the whole blog edit the presentation and chose the poems that I want to go into closer selection. Then I will edit them to make them better which is something I have rarely done with my poems before. This excites me a lot because it is a new project; it is a dream I am fulfilling and I am learning and trying out new abilities.

Little did I believe that I would come this far when I wrote my first poems 26 (!) years ago. I just wrote for myself to express what was going on in my life (what else can you do at the age of 16 😉 ). It is nice though to see through all the time, see the developement that has happened and the different themes I was occupied with. It was mainly to do with the content but since the last #frapalymo and an article I read about a new book that Stephen Fry has brought out I am suddenly interested in the more formal part of poetry. What different types of poems are there? I want to try out new forms to find new creativity and a new form of expression.

So I have come a long way but hopefully will go along way as well :-)!




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