New #MondayPrompt 03/12/~09/12/12 (#amwriting #poetry)

As I wrote last week things are going to change on my blogs.

#NaNoWriMo has given me a taste of writing a novel and I have to admit: I like it!

Trouble is: I have family, I am working and I am writing 7 blogs already without working on a novel.

So I have decided I have to downsize the blogging (again 😉 ).

I probably should just stop a few but I just can’t :-): They are like my babies you know ;-)!

Well, I am playing around with my blogs a lot. Trying out different ways and different themes. It is exactly what all those blog~advisers ask you to avoid because it supposedly annoys readers. (Sorry if that is the case guys and gals 😉 ) So now I will bundle my blogging in this blog which  means for Mondays you get the so~called #MondayPrompt which I started on my poetry blog .

On Mondays I give an idea for a poem and you can get creative and link back to this blog if you want to.

So today’s #MondayPrompt is a picture which came into my mind this morning:

Manta birostris-NOAA

This is a ray gliding through the ocean. I had that image in my mind that I was sitting on a beach as the sun comes up and then jumped into the water and swam with a manta ray.

So please let this picture of the ray inspire you to write, verse, get creative in any form you like and if you want to link your creation to this blog or post it in a comment here. Thanks!

If you want to write to me: morgaine620(at)

Have fun!


5 thoughts on “New #MondayPrompt 03/12/~09/12/12 (#amwriting #poetry)

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