I procrastinate ~ therefore I am!

McAfee Knob

McAfee Knob (Photo credit: jculverhouse)

I love writing!

My many blogs proof that I suppose.

It is another question if it is good writing.


I do not really care


I love it!


#NaNoWriMo is so far a good experience. Even though my characters have taken over my story and it rather goes into a who~dunn~it~love~ghost~story direction which probably will disgust any editor and publisher (sorry guys) and I am still about 300 words behind the daily average, it is good to just write and kick out the inner critic. It is really amazing how creative you can get if you just sit down and write.

Well, if that is!

So far I have had a nurses appointment, had breakfast and made and had lunch, helped the hubby to sort out McAfee who was attacked by hackers which gave our antivirus protection some trouble, took several Instagram pictures, cleaned the dishes, wrote a poem, send several tweets, am thinking about getting new boots, trainers and a jumper and am writing this blog entry. SIGH!

Why am I doing that?

So far it feels like someone else is writing my story. I just have to sit down and let my fingers rock and roll the keyboard. It’s not rocket science nor is it especially scary.

My theory?

I love to boycot myself! I love to whine and moan about being behind and not being able to do it. I love to punish myself for whatever I accuse myself of. Anything else? Well…….

But in the end I will feel unsatisfied if I do  not sit down and do it. Sit down and write 1667 words per day. That is what pushes me.

Maybe all those other things are just my “warming up”! Tweets make you write it short and to the point. Quite a good quality for novels. Seeking new boots and jumpers gives me an idea what my characters can wear. Instagram pictures can be used as wall decoration in my little old fashioned cottage. Of course my characters have to eat. Why not my sandwiches? And after all writing this blog entry lets it all out: All my thoughts, fears, ideas that keep me from writing.

Maybe in the end it is only a question of how to interprete what I am doing. If I see myself as procrastinating it just gets me down. If I use my procratinating for my novel it will all be good ~ somehow ;-)!




2 thoughts on “I procrastinate ~ therefore I am!

  1. Love your rationalizations! 🙂 I do that too. Some days checking facebook and brushing the cat just seem to take priority over the writing. I think it is my brain’s way of decompressing before getting down to busines… yeah, that’s it. 🙂

    • 🙂 it seems to become a ritual for me and writing the Zara blog entries and doing the #frapalymo just helps to kick start the writing. Which is fine now as I am still on holiday but from next week on it will get more complicated. So I will write 2K every day this week to get ahead a bit. I had applied to get down to 30 hours but my employer does not approve 😦 Good luck and loads of writing fairy dust for you 🙂

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