Been better…

Kyla Ghost

Kyla Ghost (Photo credit: Slabby)

…. is a song from Kyla La Grange a singer I have recently discovered.

In the song it says: ” Been better when the sky was red and a face like yours didn’t make me scared…. Been better when I took the lead instead of being lead….”

I love that song just for those lines. Yes it is better to take the lead of our lives instead of being lead. Well, it depends on your personality I suppose. For me it is a bit of both. Sometimes I like to give up all responsibility and just being lead but most of the time I would rather lead myself.

In the last few weeks I have lead. I have managed so far to pre-write all my blogs for next week and for November in preparation for my holiday and NaNoWriMo. That is amazing and I am pretty proud.

Have been neglecting my story a bit though but there are still nearly two weeks left to work on that and with the blogs out of my way I feel free to concentrate on them.

There is also some anxiety: Can I manage to write so much each day? Will I give up? Have a I taken on too much?

I keep reminding myself that NaNoWriMo is not intended to for us to write a super finished novel. It is supposed to be a first draft and then you can work on it and make a fine finish of it if you want to.

Am still excited. Am excited about concentrating on writing a novel. Am excited to have a holiday and I am excited about my novel.

Wow I have never been better :-)!





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