Letting go

Since a few months I am part of the  WANA tribe (I have written about it before) and a group called “Writing to heal“. Someone there had the idea of having a writing prompt every now and then and in September I suggested to write about “letting go”.

It is autumn, the year draws to an end and we have to let go of sun and warmth and summer. But also a writers life is riddled with letting go of different things: Sometimes it is a dream, quite often it is scenes or not working story lines, sometimes it is a day job that has become too much, quite often….. You get the gist.

I think we live in a society where letting go on the one hand is quite easy as we have so many things that can be replaced quite easily. Our rubbish dumps speak volumes of that literally. On the other hand it is quite difficult as owning things and getting more is so important in this society.

I read KJ’s post on my prompt which is called “Simplicity and letting go” and it made me think a lot. Our lives are not simple any more: There are so many identities to be chosen from when we are young, so many jobs or professions we can have, so many partners we can choose, so many roles we have to combine, so many changes we have to adjust to.

Maybe both are the reasons why writers and the stories they tell have become more and more important: We can give ideas on how to life our lives and we can give ideas on when and what to let go.

The cycles of life which have been so easily recognisable by the seasons have become strange to many of us but also the seasons have changed so much due to climate change that they often can not guide us any more.

Maybe there is no sense at all anyway as Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus told us. Maybe we just have to hang in there and let go of that longing for sense and reason.

I don’t know really.

The only thing I know is “letting go” is as important in life both general and a writers life as “growing” and “being”. Maybe healing is only a question of balance of these three parts of life and maybe the only reason we write is to heal!

English: Panoramic photo of South East New Ter...

English: Panoramic photo of South East New Territories Landfill, combined from 3541065730, 3541068592 and 3540261227 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



2 thoughts on “Letting go

    • Thank you ~ the idea from simplicity and letting go is not mine though it is from the lady who wrote the other blog entry 🙂

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